Sunday, June 25, 2017

Travelling to Sydney Part 1

Since I'm at the airport waiting for my flight, might as well write about my trip to Sydney.

I went to Sydney alone from June 19 to 25th.

Actually I have been wanting to go solo travel for awhile now, but like any other girl I was worried about safety and cleanliness. I have had friends and female colleagues who have solo travelled and I did talk to them about my concerns. All they did was share their experiences, majority of them positive, and encouraged me to go ahead and go on my first solo trip!

One day, Justin, my unimate, was telling me about how cheap the Malaysia Airlines ticket was. I had 4 places on my mind actually. Osaka. Perth. Melbourne or Sydney. Checked on each route, for the period that falls on the first week of my leave and Sydney still had cheap tickets. So I went ahead and booked the flight tickets at RM1.6k and then told my mom, "Ma I'm going to Sydney, alone."

She was pissed, I'm not sure how she was able to bring up things of the past and emo me. But after awhile she did came to acceptance.

Then came to planning for the trip.

How did I plan for my Sydney trip?

Accommodation I compared between airbnb and googled for backpackers accommodation and read their reviews. As a girl, I wanted somewhere decent, clean and convenient, so a backpackers place like that usually costs a little more. I paid RM570 for 5 nights, a little on the high side. I'll talk more about this later.

Planning the trip was done by stalking what other people had done, I searched the place Sydney on Instagram, watched the stories and noted down the places that was interesting. I googled dayre Sydney, and read what other dayreans wrote and I did the same.

Also planned out my transport throughout the trip with Opal app and Transport Info NSW website.

I planned the trip way ahead and kinda forgotten about the excitement since I was busy with work.

As the date grew closer and closer I couldn't contain my excitement! I couldn't stop talking about it to everyone around me, but on the inside I was nervous too, as it really was my first time travelling alone.

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