Monday, January 8, 2018

Some Habits I’m Trying Real Hard To Practice

Feel like sharing today so here I am.

A new year new me? Nope, no new me, just the same old girl trying to live my life and improve myself.

Today I’m going to share about what I’m trying to practice to lose weight or rather what has helped me lost so much weight in the past which I think I should practice again.

I think I have this body image issue. It’s quite sad actually that we girls grow up in an Asian family and by Asian mother’s standards, they would keep criticising that you are fat when you have gained some weight. Or whenever you choose to indulge a little more of any meal she would remind you to stop eating so much because you’re fat enough.

The feeling is horrible, can’t help it but it’s true. I’ve been attending combat class and pump class on a regular basis and may have gotten a lil chunkier or muscular (I hope), well at least that was what I told myself. Until recently when I stepped on the weighing scale at the gym, I’ve realised I gained a few kilos and the analyser says those kilos are not muscles but it’s an increase in percentage in body fat.... Plus it doesn’t help when I am chunkier at the thighs from all the squats and I just cannot fit in my old pants anymore. Or the love handles that show when I wear body on dresses. Or when I look so round when I selfie on my phone camera. I look back on those photos where I had a sharp chin and able to wear short crop tops that show off my abs and when I think of it now.... Oh Lord.

So here are some of the things I’m trying my very best to do at the moment.

1) Cutting down the meal portion.

I personally feel this helps a lot. It means you are eating lesser hence consuming lesser calories, encouraging calorie deficit for the day which will result in fat loss! I’ve tried this in the past where when eating out I would share my rice with my mom, we usually order one rice lesser. When eating at home, I would scoop lesser rice and also use a smaller plate.

I’m trying hard at this. For a while, before this I had neglected this for a long long time. Always giving myself the excuse that I have already exercise so I deserve to eat more wtf.

2) Replacing white rice with vegetables or 1 more side dish. 

As read on the internet everywhere, white rice contains lots and lots of carbs. Me being Asian requires to at least eat rice one a day. I will try to keep it at once a day, if I happen to come across rice during my other meals I’m gonna try my very best to either practice 1 or replacing the white rice with other side dishes such as vegetable or chicken so I can consume lesser carbs!

3) Drinking only water, green tea and black coffee.

This is hard. As much as you don’t realise it, you gain a lot of calories here! Especially when you go out for lunch with your colleagues or meet ups, you tend to order drinks which you only drink to make yourself feel good. Or on a day to day basis, do you really need to buy that ice latte from the cafe you walk pass by every morning? Or do you have to order drinks like teh ais or milo ais every time you are out having kopitiam breakfast or at the mamak? We tend to not realise how much calories are there with all the sugar, sweetener and the condensed milk!

I’ve made this a habit during Sunway days to always bring my bottle along during lunch! It helps that you are actually making an effort to bring your own bottle to lunch so you tell yourself to drink the water so it won’t be so heavy to carry back later wtf. Or like basically you can psycho yourself, “OK I brought water already I shouldn’t order anything.”

Trust me it helps a lot on the pocket as well.

Well I’ve been reading up on a lot of health blogs and they said to stick to green tea and black coffee which are both low in calorie. Black coffee as in black coffee without any sugar. It will taste bitter at first but after sometime you would get used to it! Besides, black coffee is the cheapest too!

Well if it’s hard to directly jump from your normal everyday drinks to just drinking water, coffee and green tea. Start gradually. Change your normal teh o ais limau to teh o ais limau kosong, then from there go to just water. It takes time. It is never easy. But don’t give up! Soon you would just stop craving for those sweet drinks!

Also drink a lot of water. Keeping yourself hydrated will make you feel less hungry, give u better sleep and better skin and make you more energetic. If required to track on how much water you drink in a day, download an app so you can track how much water you drink in a day, you would be surprised how much it helps.

4) Do more running!

So well combat and pump gave me thunder thighs so I did what everyone else would do wtf I googled on how to lose weight at the thigh area. Apparently the internet says running on a flat surface is the best way to do so instead of doing the elliptical or spin classes which will only make your thigh look bigger with the muscles built!

True enough I haven’t been running for awhile now. I’ve been actively running last time when I was at my skinniest. I don’t know how I have had so much energy to wake up in the morning to go for a run and then go for another run in the evening wtf. Life was so good before I started working haih.

How to motivate yourself to run? Aim to overtake the person in front of you, or challenge yourself. Push yourself to do better than the run you did the day before. Or for more motivation, sign up for that half marathon you’ve been wanting to try but had no balls to sign up for it after consideration of around 101 times. Then use that half marathon as your source of motivation, train for it and kill it! You would feel the sense of satisfaction at the end of the finish line, I promise, and then you would want to join even more marathons after that and kill it in the other marathons, getting over your previous marathons personal best.

Or book yourself that beach holiday and tell yourself you would wanna take many bikini photos with toned abs! Really really motivating for me, this one.

5) Make healthier food choices 

Title is because I am now working as an auditor wtf. I am not able to cook or meal prep cause I sleep really late and I usually wake up and go to work in a rush. So the best that I can do is make healthier food choices. Eg steamed food over deep fried food, whole food over processed food, that sorta thing.

Another situation to share is in my line of work, not joining the team for lunch seems weird because lunch time is one of the times we as a team can bond. In addition to that, my team mostly drives out for lunch and if I do not agree to follow them then I feel bad because the team would just choose not to drive out and just takeaway food to eat with me. So I really feel like I have to join the team for lunch wtf.

6) Cut down on alcohol and limit it to special occasions only.

I’m trying really hard for this one.

Alcohol has sort of been a constant in the recently years after being legally possible to drink wtf.

Alcohol is really bad in the sense that it is high in calories, it makes you feel like shit the next day cause you can’t get proper sleep, feeling more tired, beer belly, and you will find it harder to do a workout routine on a day or two after you drink.

I’m proud to say though in 2017, I’ve been to Zouk way lesser than the previous year. And I’ve been cutting down on my drinking as well.

This year I hope to cut it down to even lesser drinking compared to 2017.

Alright I’m going to get some shut eye.

Thanks for reading if you still read my blog and please support me on this journey! I’ll update when I actually have results, hopefully soon wtf.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I normally write here when I have a lot on my mind and feel like spilling my thoughts on a physical keyboard.

I don't really write or post on how my day is nowadays because, well I simply just don't have the time, or I have just lost my mojo to write here.

Looking back, I have lost my mojo on a lot of things, not just writing here. Probably because I'm focused on more important things nowadays. As time passes by, priorities change.

There are alot of things that I don't do as often anymore, cafe hopping, dressing up, putting on make up.

Can't really catch up with the cafe hopping scene because there are just too many cafes these days, and not all are good. Also I've written about how disappointed I was with the photos on Instagram and how it's really like in real life. Half an hour for a nice photo and cold coffee? No thanks. Hehe in fact I've been making coffee using a Bialetti Moka pot gifted by Beanie every now and then, it's super good! Anyways, I'm a creature of habit, I always return to the same place for coffee, my favourite is RINSE's houjicha latte, and Three Little Birds at Desa Park.

Dressing up, well, I still try to do so once in a while, but I guess I don't buy clothes as often as before anymore, prefer to go for quality clothing rather than buying clothes you can wear for a few times nowadays. And I have been buying more clothes that are suitable for work. And my work wear is pretty much repetitive, despite my colleagues keep saying I have soooooo many clothes, it's untrue wtf.

I don't really put on make up nowadays because well, I prefer sleeping longer in bed over waking up earlier for work to put make up. Also, everyday after work, I'm rushing to the gym for classes! And I'm forever late (There was this one day I met my gym instructor at the registration counter at the gym and he went like, "YOU ARE SO LATE!") so there is no time to waste for make up removal wtf. So yep, I don't even really put on make up unless during weekends or unless there is an important event at work where I'll be meeting alot of people wtf. But........ I just bought more make up hehehehe that I have been lusting over for awhile. Made use of the Black Friday sale and got myself UD's Naked Heat palette and the eye primer.

I'm struggling to get back to my eating clean routine again, pretty much been nothing but a potato. Eating whatever I want. It is so hard to cut down on good food wtf. But I can vouch that I have been drinking way lesser than before this. Been cutting down on drinks because I feel damn tired the day after drinks and well...... I've been doing way too many stupid things after drinks.

The feeling is way too terrible when you cannot fit in your old clothes anymore, especially your old pants! Or when your tummy is sticking out when you wear a body con dress. And well I've been gaining some weight lately, it tells on the weighing scale. Though I've been telling myself it's muscle mass I guess I gotta get real and do more cardio and strength training because the other day I tried doing old blogilates videos (pilates using basic body weight) and I couldn't anymore. Gotta stop solely relying on body combat. But I love combat! I love the steps, I love how motivating and positive the instructor is, and I love how every single one of us in the class loves the class. I've been in combat class for a year and in this year itself I've been seeing the same people in combat class but I never mastered the courage to talk to anyone of them. *Shy*

Over the years, priorities change.

From the past till now, I've always been a family oriented person. Or I have always been brought up to be one. Like I finally understood why mom has been so hard on me in the past. It was for my own good. And when all else fails, there is no one left to back you up except your family, they will never leave you alone despite how fucked up of a situation you have put yourself into.

Each and everyday I hear more scary stories about my friends losing their family. It scares me alot that one day it may occur to me. And my parents aren't very young anymore. Dad's hair is getting grey.

I've been trying to spend more time with them lately. On weekends. Or maybe just going home early after work to eat dinner with them. And I have been sharing a lot with them about my life and the lives of people around me. My next thing I want to do is bring both my parents on a holiday, and hopefully they won't drive me crazy during that holiday. Because old people like to do different things as compared to us youngsters.

Work is well, work. Everyone else is leaving or has left to the neighbouring country with 3 times the currency. I on the other hand, kinda accepted the fact I am staying. I made plans on getting a new phone and a new car, will talk about more of this later, but yep, it's too late to go to the neighbouring country now when it's almost peak and I need to start over again, plus forgoing my bonus. I have said this time and time again, but in my working life in my current company so far, I've been lucky to meet people who are so willing to guide, and give me room to learn and improve myself, and another plus point is having colleagues that I can click and hang out with and keep me going wtf. If I were to move to the neighbouring country next year, it wouldn't be so beneficial for me as well...... So I guess I'm staying for a while now........... But well I don't really know, who knows, in my next post I might just tell you all about my move to another country....

Heh, I am really lucky to be working in such a good environment, though sometimes work can drive me nuts. Well, I've been always taught to look at the objective of doing things, and well I could always approach people around me if there was something I did not understand about. And so far, I've been learning new things and understanding what I've been doing. Though on some days, it can get real tough and challenging. After overcoming the challenge and looking back at it, it's like hey I did it! It was not as bad after all! What sort of challenge, juggling multiple jobs at a time, having way too many things due on the same day which results in me having to stay back late to complete everything. It's not so easy to 'just pass to someone else to do lah' because hey, there is something called being responsible and not everyone knows what is going on, or receive comments like 'quit your job lah'. There is nothing wrong with my job.

Heh, I'm quite glad that I have relatable friends to complain to regarding my job because they understand my pain. It's hard to complain to someone who works outside of this line, because here, we pick up things fast and we have to lead a team, within at least two years of experience. Meanwhile, other people who are outside this line is like, well, most likely bitching about their bosses and how they are being monitored. And when I tell them, maybe your boss is trying to make you see things in a different perspective, or "Have you ever asked why he is making you do that?" Then people get triggered LOLOL. Oops.

That explains why when others ask me how is work nowadays, I don't even bother explaining anymore.

Recently though, have been looking at the new iPhone and cars not because I want a new phone or car for the sake of wanting one, but I actually need one. My phone is dying and its pathetic 16GB storage space is annoying the shit out of me with the constant "out of memory" pop up message. And the car, well, anyone of my friends/colleagues who I picked up says the same shit about how worrying it is to drive a car like mine which acts as if it is going to breakdown any time and anywhere.

I didn't know the car was such a time consuming and expensive toy until my friend recently got a car. He was like telling me how he did so much research online, how he picked the right salesman up till how did he go apply for his car loan.

I have been isolating myself a lot lately. Well, in the sense that I don't share a lot about myself anymore, I'm cautious about who I go out with or share things with, and I don't really bother to make conversation with new people any more. So much that sometimes I just feel that I just can't communicate with anyone else any more, I don't know how. This scares me.

Why have I built this wall? I've been through too much.

What makes me feel happy and contented nowadays, if you really want to know, is a good workout at the gym, or just spending alone time drinking a cup of coffee at my favourite cafe, getting adequate sleep, spending time with a good bunch of friends and conversations about what we are doing with our lives these days.

Heh, gotta run, toodles!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Hello, I figured out writing would make me feel at ease again. I've been meaning to write but I just couldn't sit myself down and go on typing for hours like how I would usually do in the past anymore.

I've been on a long break for about two months from my job. I honestly cannot remember how to work anymore.

What have I been doing in the past two months? I have been travelling a lot. I went to Sydney, Bangkok, Singapore and Indonesia. Each travel tells its own tale but then again I couldn't be bothered to write it down as detailed as possible.

Other than that I have just been lazing at home, working out at the gym at any particular slot I want to, watching alot of random weird shit on the internet (Asian Boss channel - particularly the videos on the North Korean defectors), catching up on movies (Crazy Stupid Love, The Martian), reading up on books (The Martian, Crazy Rich Asian series, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck), catching up with my friends, downloading new music, laying on the couch taking naps whenever I want with Kopi (my pet dog) and just wandering around aimlessly in the mall.

Can't remember when I last had the luxury to just do the above as and when I like. It just felt good to do me, the stuff I wanted to do, as freely and as long as I like to do.

As I grow older (really hate to admit this), I realized the more I wanted to know myself better, challenge myself, improve myself. Nowadays, it is always the off days where I sit down and reflect on what I have achieved so far, and what I wanted to do next, or what could I improve.

On busy working days, time flies so fast, wake up, rush to work, eat lunch, work, get off work, head to the gym, dinner, shower, sleep, repeat. Sounds mundane, that routine life. But I pretty much got used to it. It doesn't mean that I'm doing the same thing everyday. At work, I'm doing new things which I didn't do in the past. At the gym, I get better at each class, maybe lift a little heavier, learn a new machine, or punch and kick better during combat class.

There are a lot of things I would probably have to improve - in the aspect of managing my money probably. Been spending way too much then I should during these holidays. Or in terms of eating cleaner, been indulging in way too many holiday beers and good food.

Financial planning is something everyone has been talking about but really getting down to doing it, how many of us have really done it? I've talked about it in m previous post but I myself have not gotten anything done about it yet. It took an unfortunate event of a relative passing away to realize that insurance is important. He did not buy insurance for himself and he left behind 5 kids. Some people would like to think that buying insurance is a taboo. Or like me, most people would think insurance is another way for someone else to try and make your money. Kind of get it why those insurance ads say stuff like "protect your loved ones" now.

I recently went to Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia with the recommendation of a few other colleagues in my department. To be honest I had a really low expectation on this trip because I've been told it's a backpacking trip, having to sleep on a boat (was so scared of getting sea sick, I did get sea sick but only on the last night of the stay), having to sleep at not so clean places and only being able to bathe once a day. But you could say, I was pleasantly surprised! The boat was much much cleaner than every other boat I've sat in my entire life. Was also surrounded by nature most of the time and most importantly the place was not commercialised yet.

From this trip I've seen happiness in the eyes of people who live in the village, and it is so simple to be happy for them. What about us city kids? Why were we always hungry for more to be happy? Or why are we always trying so hard to be happy? Or chasing material things to be happy?

When happiness can just be as simple as flashing a genuine smile to someone else. Or being carefree kids who had nothing in the world to do but run up and down hills and play soccer with my friends.

We can make happiness as simple too. It's all in the matter of perspective.

Think I wrote this on my Instagram before. But take work for instance. You tell the whole world you have the meanest boss in the world. Your job sucks. But have you tried the hardest on your end? Or did you try to see it in your bosses' shoes on what he's trying to let you learn or realize?

It's all up to you on the way you see things. You can change the mean boss perception and take on a challenge of understanding the way your boss works and what he is trying to make you learn or see. Or perhaps, voicing up to him and have a polite discussion that you don't agree on certain things or what you don't understand about certain things. You will be surprised at the response and you will be taken so much more seriously by your boss after that.

Ok gotta snooze. Will edit this post later on when I'm back and continue my grandma story.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

To Go with the Flo-w or Not?

Excuse me for the punny title, just had the inspiration to write on this platform.

It's been awhile since I've had the time to sit down and write, even on Dayre I haven't been writing as much. Most of my days start with work, workout, sleep, repeat, and on the weekends it would be sleep as much as I want and make time for the people I wanted to see and make time for.

Currently I'm on my annual 1 month break.

As you can see from my previous post, I just got back from Sydney. I will write about it more in the next few posts while I have the time.

I'm here to write about myself again. Sorry, you must be thinking what a 'self-entitled' person I am, most of the blog posts are about myself. But yeah, this is a place to document about my own personal experiences, and besides there is nothing much interesting going on in my life anyways.... Or that's what I think.

I have always wondered, why are we so afraid of doing what we want to do? Why are we so afraid of what others think of what we do? Do other people care if we were doing what we love or if we were happy? Am I doing life at 24 years old right? What more can I do at where I am today?

This has been going on and on in my head a lot.

There are a lot of onlookers who gave their opinion on how I'm living my life. I am trying very hard to psyche myself that their opinions don't matter, unless 10 of them tell you the same shit, then something may be wrong with you. Believe me I am trying to be less condescending about others too, and most importantly minding my own business, and keeping the comments about others to myself in my head wtf.

In their eyes, or what I have chosen to show to them, I look like someone who only works and works and works and complains. I guess I only use Twitter as a platform to vent out my upset feelings, and not write about the things that I am grateful, or feeling happy about. One thing to understand is when it comes to work, there is stress that comes with it and you have to express it somewhere. I have chosen an outlet where I do not complain as much in person, unless you are in the same line as me, then we would be complaining to each other about each other's work. Otherwise, no, I will not rant to you because you would find my complaints annoying. So I have turned to Twitter to vent my frustration. To an extent where a high school friend who, I am not close with, ringed me up to check if I was okay and that my life was miserable. Wow. Thank you very much for your kind words and concern. 

Not sure if it is right to talk about my career in such an open platform, I have always been generalizing it because well, it is not nice if your bosses happen to stumble upon your little blog and watch you bitch about work. But let us be fair, I haven't written anything bad about anyone and anything bad directly related to my work. Let's keep it professional wtf. (LOL)

Anyway, I have been in this line for 2 years and 4 months, and counting.

At the start of my career, I was probably questioning myself like why am I in this line? What am I doing with my life? I still question myself occasionally but I have come to a conclusion that I am still doing okay at where I am lately.

As per my previous posts, I have met all kinds of people in my workplace, ones who take advantage of you, ones who help you learn and grow, and ones who motivate you to be a better person. So I shall not talk about it from the people aspect.

In terms of work, I have to say that along the way, it is not very routine, you learn something new everyday as you progress. You are constantly given opportunities and also doing things you have never done before.

It may be more challenging on some days, and when you overcome it, there is a sense of satisfaction, or at least for me, there is. You will be like, "Oh, shit I complained damn a lot, but looking back at it, I see the bigger picture and it wasn't so hard after all, I did it, and I learnt something new!"

And the cycle repeats. Life.

Work becomes much much more easier if you question yourself, "Why am I doing this? Where are we trying to go from here? What do we intend to achieve at the end of the day?"

Or if you are stuck somewhere, you know you can always seek for help, guidance, or for comfort, from people around you, whether it's your colleagues or your bosses.

And then there is people who question like, why are you working so hard for when you can be your own boss, when are you going to resign?

Erm. Hello, why do you think I am still in the same job even after 2 years and 4 months. I still see a reason to stay. I am still learning and growing and I still see that sense of satisfaction in my job. I mean, its not too bad, steep learning curve for the first few months of the year, and other times of the year, you work, but not as hard. Which other job gives you the opportunity of letting you take a month off and still pays you? Well, mine does.

Just because you do not want to go on this career path, doesn't mean that I feel the same way about it. Maybe you didn't stay long enough to reap the benefits of this career, maybe I have seen the bigger picture of it. I still wake up each day and still see a reason to look forward to going to work.

A lot of my colleagues have been moving to Singapore.

Should I go to Singapore just because everyone is going to Singapore?

Should I go for the sake of the currency? Should I follow for the sake of my friends? Should I go for the comfort of wanting to live alone, uninterrupted, a space for myself? This has been going on in my mind for quite some time and it still is. Probably annoyed the crap out of the people I poured my thoughts to by talking about this numerous times. It isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

But what many people don't talk about often is, what comes with the three times currency. You may not be able to take as much leave as how easy it is in my current department, you may not be able to get promoted even you performed, because there will always be a quota for Malaysians, you get so lonely during weekends because well there is no where to go, no one to talk to, with three times the money, it means three times the workload. You are the senior and the junior in the team.

And also the thought of staying in Singapore, are you in it for short term or long term, do you really want to settle down in Singapore?

I am sure of there are the pros too, like how Singapore is an international hub and you probably will get a wider exposure dealing with international clients and multinational companies.

But I have come to put my foot down that it is okay to stay where I am now. My life in my current company is okay and I have a nice boss who takes care of his staff and still grows his staff. (If he leaves then maybe I shall reconsider my options wtf)

Also what is stopping me is do I really want to do audit in the next few years?

What do I want to do next?

Indeed, I have been talking about that a lot too, hopefully, I would find the courage to sign up for what I want to do next once I have settled getting my chartered accountancy. At least if I screw up in my future intended plans, I would have at least still have my chartered accountant status to fall back to.

If you have been a follower of my instagram or my blog, you would have known that I have loved visiting cafes. I have always envisioned myself to come up with one myself in the future, but I definitely know that it isn't an easy journey.

What makes a person want to revisit the cafe again and again and not just a one time consumer? Is it the food, the coffee, the service, or all three of it?

First of all there is the rental to think about, how are you going to earn enough to cover the rental cost? How to sustain the business to keep it running long term? Also what kind of concept do you want to do? How should you style your cafe. How much will renovation cost. Where to get all that money from? Do you want to specialize in desserts, or serve hot food? What type of food then? How are you going to come up with the menu and how much will it cost? What is your margin? Who is going to cook? Am I going to take a barista course so I know what beans to serve? What about the staff? Who is going to train the staff and how can you keep the quality in line?

Through a platform like instagram, I got in touch with an instagrammer with quite a reputable number of followers and met up to 'cafe hop'. I was really disappointed in how there is so much work behind an instagram photo, taking up to half an hour and by the time we could eat, the food was cold. I hated it. If you must know, I still eat my food warm, despite me taking shots for my instagram feed. I just take like less than 5 minutes to snap, then I eat my food. I am not too fussy with my photos I guess, I thought I was, but I discovered that there were more fussy people than me. Also in these day and age, such minimal shots are not actually minimal shots, some details in the photos are actually edited out to give it that clean vibe.

Sort of a reminder to tell me, I don't wanna be like them. Now I know why certain restaurants come up with a no photo policy in their restaurants wtf, because when the food gets cold, it isn't as yummy anymore.

However when out with this instagrammer, he talked so much about coffee, how 'balanced' it is, or what type of beans are used, what method of brewing the coffee, I totally felt like a retard. How to pursue this dream and how I call myself a person who loved visiting cafes when I didn't know any shit like that about coffee?

I have still so much to learn I guess, and I question myself, how passionate am I in this? Do I really want to pursue this cafe interest? Hmm.

Other than that, there are a few friends who told me that I could 'be my own boss'. Start a business. What harm is it to try when you are still young? I mean sure, hey, being your own boss sounds fun and looks nice, but it takes more hard work, time, effort and passion to start up something. Also you need to at least have some savings to start up something, which is what I am currently doing, as I don't have a convenient, big fat ATM called my parents. Don't get me wrong, my parents are still around, but I definitely do not want to start a business with their hard earned money.

Do you know how tough the journey is when you start up a business? You definitely can't call yourself a 'start-up' or an 'entrepreneur' if you never experienced the hardships of starting your own business. Hopefully the day comes soon when I find the courage to step out to start my own business, until then, wait and see.

Adulting is tough, it definitely is when you are trying hard to adapt to the adult world.

Life is no longer as carefree as you thought it was.

People around you talk about buying cars, houses, insurance, stocks, unit trust and all that shit you call financial planning. You wish to push it away, delay it as far as possible so that you won't have to put a chunk of your salary paying for all these things. Unfortunately for me and for you, I've learnt that the longer you delay these things, the more expensive it gets, and touch wood, you may not have enough money for your future if you do not invest in such things.

I guess it is time to take the initiative to learn about all these things and be responsible for it. Take your time to find a suitable person selling those kind of things because the person really wants the best for you, not because they just want to earn your commission. Talk to people about all these. Ask many questions until you are certain and comfortable of where you are putting your money and what are they doing with your money.

Also about savings, I have been talking about this with my group of friends a lot. How much of your salary goes to your savings? And it scares me that I have not been saving enough. I am very ashamed to tell the world that from my first month of work and today, after 2 years and 4 months, the savings each month is the same. You have to realize that your spending power increases when your salary increases, but you must also make sure that your savings increases too, which I am trying really hard to practice.

I recently have gotten my first credit card. It is definitely nothing to be proud of, just something to use if any emergency needs comes up.

I have certainly heard about a lot of credit card horror stories, in my circle of friends and also in my line of work. It is fun to swipe card and you thought that you have extra money to spend, but actually it is not extra money, it is just having money to roll around for the current month, but you still need to keep the aside that money to pay your credit card bills at the end of the month anyway. And many people forget that bit and continue to spend it off, and end up not being able to pay off their credit card bills.

I have gone through personal loan application forms and the reason for taking the personal loan was 'to pay off credit card bills'. A loan to pay off another loan.

That is scary.

And what is more scary is that the loan applicant was around my age. I start to question, how aware is our generation regarding financials?

Other than that I have been working on myself, going to the gym, watching Youtube videos, catching up on movies, listening to music, reading e-books, going to cafes and savouring the cup of coffee and thinking about where I am in life lately and walking around the mall aimlessly. I am definitely trying to pick up on where I have lost myself in this whole work routine (and get back to work feeling more motivated).

Anyway, this is all that I wish to share with you guys lately, to the ones who are still reading, thanks for sticking with me. Much love.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Kopenhagen Coffee @ Vista Kiara, Mont Kiara

Hope everyone is having a cozy Wednesday afternoon, at least I know I am.

As I'm having time off now for a week, got a chance to explore another cafe on my to visit list. It has been awhile since having a write up just like this, and hopefully there are people still reading this. If you are, do let me know if you like it, and I should do more, and also let me know how I can improve.

I've heard a lot and also seen a lot about Kopenhagen Coffee on social media. This place seems very instaworthy as seen from the pictures tagged and no doubt, it is indeed instaworthy.

Though reading Foursquare and the reviews on the Facebook page may seem a little not convincing, I would suggest you guys to head there on a weekday afternoon. Perhaps then, you would not need to face any parking issues, service issues or any problem getting a table there.

Kopenhagen Coffee brands themselves as a minimalist Scandinavian cafe which serves coffee, tea, and Scandinavian confectionery.  

It is located on the first floor and you would have to climb up the stairs on the right side of the building to get there. Once you get in, you are greeted by the friendly barista at the barista counter. You would have to place an order at the counter and they will send the food and coffee to you after that.

As I was here on a weekday afternoon, it was not crowded at all which was nice to get some work done and also freely take my pictures without any other human in the background. I had no trouble in getting any parking as well and the staff were friendly. Another plus point of this place is there are multiple plug points and there is good wifi, which makes this cafe work-friendly. (Psst, now you know where to go to curi ayam

Flat White (RM11) - the cup is bigger than it looks, haha. Love the tableware so much and I think they pretty much use cups like this for all their coffee. It's very.... English. My cup of coffee was decent and I have no complaints about it.

Scrambled Eggs, Fresh Tomatoes, Spring Onions with Sourdough Bread (RM14) - Well, the staff told me that they ran out of sourdough bread so they gave me the choice of replacing it with croissant or bagel, and if you know how much I love croissant, I went with the croissant. The scrambled eggs were fluffly and some how the combination of onions and tomatoes went really well. Would say that the portion was pretty decent as well. Would come back to try this the next time with sourdough instead!

The barista area. Behind the barista area was the famed couch instagram spot but I couldn't get a picture as some other people were seated in that area.

To be honest, from the photos seen on the internet, I expected the cafe to be a little bigger though. Would not recommend you to head to this place on weekends as seats are pretty limited. (Maybe about 10 tables?)

Perhaps, the service charge and the GST is already included in the food and drinks amount but the bill came up to RM25 nett, which I feel that it is quite standard and affordable. Would definitely come back here again to try other things on their menu.

Last but not least, the parking area outside Kopenhagen Coffee. Parking is free. Apparently you are supposed to register with the guards but I guess during my visit it was raining quite heavily so there were no guards around to make a fuss.

To make your directions easier, Kopenhagen Coffee is located opposite Garden International School.

Kopenhagen Coffee
Vista Kiara, Jalan Kiara 3,
Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur,

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday - 7:00am - 7:00pm
Weekends - 9:00am - 7:00pm

Instagram: @kopenhagencoffee
Phone Number: 03-62116363