Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fitness Tips : Food

Hey, just felt like sharing today. Bear in mind I am no professional but I am just sharing based on my personal experience.

Many have asked me, how did I lose so much weight? How often do I exercise? Do I not eat?

Let me tell you about 5 tips I can think of right now.

1) Potato chips.

I used to think potato chips were really tasty. My favorites include the imported Lays and Ruffles which costs about RM10 a packet. And the worst part was, I used to have them EVERY WEEK, by myself, my secret stash. I didn't like sharing my snacks with anyone before. I had a stash of my own in my cupboard (not only chips but sweets and chocolate). I just couldn't stop at all. It is too good to stop.

Little did I know it was just full of empty calories and trans fat, which is bad fat that ends up clogging your arteries and giving you hypertension.

I am not asking you or myself to stop having potato chips, but have them less often.

An adult is supposed to have about 2000-2200 calories intake per day but a packet of potato chips contains about 500 calories. THINK ABOUT IT.

Switch to better alternative for a snack, maybe have a cup of froyo or yogurt.

Nowadays, I never really have potato chips, maybe once in a few months, and I will share it with others. And nope, no more secret stash.

2) Drink more water!

Everyone should drink about 8 glasses of water everyday, or about 2 litres a day?

If you are used to drinking sugary drinks, cut them down!

Start in baby steps, by bringing your own water when you go out to have a meal. It will not only save your waistline but also help you save more money. Try it if you don't believe me.

Water helps you feel energized, and lets you have better skin and eliminates bloating too.

Sure it might seem troublesome to drink so much water or to bring a bottle around, but after a while you will get used to drinking so much water..

I used to have so much soft drinks and Chatime, about 3 to 4 times in a week, now its just about once or twice a month I allow myself to indulge.

3) Fruits and vegetables.

If you don't really eat fruits and vegetables, you have to do so! They are rich in fibre and full of vitamins. Since young, I love eating vegetables very much.

Fruits can be included in your breakfast, or as a snack, or as a substitute for your dessert! Way healthier than a chocolate bar or a scoop of ice cream. And equally sweet and yummy too!

4) Overeating

I used to eat alot last time. Like really A LOT. I can eat breakfast at home in the morning. Then have lunch in college, then after that when I go hang out with my friends in the afternoon, I will eat with them again. Then go home and eat my mom's dinner. That is like 4 HUGE servings a day.

What about dessert?

I couldn't resist myself from dessert. Ice cream? Ohhhh I like! EAT. Cake? Yum yum I want! EAT. Snowflakes? One bowl for myself please!

I am quite selfish with my food, and I still am.. But it is better to share a portion with friends sometimes. Makes the food seem yummier when it is shared with others too!

Try to have meals on time everyday, breakfast lunch and dinner. And only snack moderately in between. Moderation is the key. Not over eating.

Learn how to say NO to yourself although you really want to have something.

I have also cut down on dessert, used to have it very often. I think I still do, but way lesser compared to last time..

5) Breakfast

Used to have really horrible breakfast before this. Usually, I will just eat whatever Dad take away for me, or eat out at the kopitiam and have all the oily food.

Nowadays, I cook my own breakfast or just have muesli. Muesli is quite filling for the tummy and full with fibre. It also lowers your cholesterol level and it is one of the more complex carbohydrate which are full of calories but are also full of nutrients, unlike the simple carbohydrates.

I know what I wrote is quite noob, but believe me, if you maintain the above for awhile, you will start to see results.

Be disciplined to eat healthier, exercise, do your research which is every where on the internet and learn to love your body more!

Happy saturday! xxx

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