Monday, April 9, 2012

Disco Rollerblading & Ikea.

So, the other day last week, I went disco roller blading with the bunch and I must say, it is a really tiring sport, and challenging for some! Dad dropped me at Terry's house in the morning and then we sat Illi's car! We had to take the GPS there. Go Subang also sesat.

May, Illi and Terry.
 Well, we chose disco roller blading as we wanted to see what was the hype about.. So we went to Subang Avenue thinking it would be a shopping mall full of shops, but it was sort of dead... Like SS2 mall. I think it is worse than SS2 Mall though. What is the people trying to do? Are they trying to be like Singapore? Build so many malls at the same place.. Well if it was that, then you'll FAIL.

Soon after, Dayana came! Haven't seen this girl in ages, our future lawyer. She took the KTM right after class at Brickfields!

Dayana and me
 Then we had to wait for the others to arrive... So May Yen couldn't take it  and sat on the floor...

My shorts and shoes in matching colours, both from BKK

Illi's Michael Kors bag, which was so pretty.
 After standing for a while, we all felt hungry so we went and have breakfast at Old Town! Caught up with each other while waiting for Aini and Chi Shun to arrive.. Most of us ate the food which had sambal which was super duper pedas for the day. We realized that the only ones who will be left in Malaysia among the 8 of us would be me, Terry and Ahmad. The rest were going to fly off to UK sooner or later. Why? Why can't I be like them? Hmm.

Dayana and Terry

Aini, May Yen and me
The people sitting opposite of  me
 After eating, we took the elevator up to the 4th floor (think so) and paid for our tickets. For students with student cards, it was only RM15. For members, it is RM20, for non-members like me (-_-), I had to pay RM25 and was provided with free membership. Can't remember where I flung the card though.. Went inside and the music was so loud my heart started thumping really fast. Well, let me say it was sort of a let down? Nevertheless, still fun though.

Had to choose whether we wanted inline or quad skates. The inline were like the regular rollerskates we had at home. And I skated before when I was little so I went with inline! It was easy to skate and balance, but apparently more dangerous. Halfway through, changed to quad skates but it was really hard to skate...

One thing I learnt from roller blading is, never be afraid. If you are constantly afraid of falling down, you'll never manage to skate at all! Another thing is, helping each other.. Especially when we keep falling. Spent the first half an hour learning how to skate and then we zoomed around... Have to say this though, the hype was overrated..

After two hours, we were all exhausted and we left to Subang Parade!

Us with the pretty lights.

Aini and the pretty lights behind.
 Got ourselves to Subang Parade and had to wait for the other car.. So we sat on the bench for quite abit because we were all so tired!!!

le high school bunch
Got conned into eating Manhattan Fish Market in Subang Parade. Yeah, me stepping in a shop specializing in seafood, highly unlikely! The waitress had sucky service and they seem like people who just came out of high school.. I mean, if you want to employ them, it is not a problem but at least give them some training. Asked one of the staff whether the Pepsi was bottomless and she ran off to her supervisor/colleague/whoever just to ask that. What the... 

 Terry used to hate the camera, because he didn't know how to smile. Now he loves the camera soooo much. :)) Kidding.

Went to Curve after that to settle Illi's phone problems.. Then Dad picked me up from Terry's place and lectured me about how I shouldn't go to a guys house and etc. Me going out alot etc. I am home 3/4 of the time.. What more do they want me to do. Sigh, nevermind, I'll stop complaining.

Next day, Illi, May and Terry baked cupcakes at Illi's place.. At night we went for dinner at Curve! We had Ikea meatballs. And we found out that Ikea doesn't serve Daim cake anymore. WHY? :(

After that, walked around and then went to Chatime to get my red bean milk tea fix. Yay me!

Oh yeah, brought the other half along, and I guess he got along well? Sort of awkward but not as awkward as the first time. And he so handsome that day.



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