Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bangkok Day 1!

On March 30th, I went to Bangkok (BKK), Thailand for a 4 days 3 nights trip! Thanks to my awesome third sister who booked the flight two weeks before the trip from Air Asia!

Plane taking off in the early morning!

Dad fetched us to LCCT Terminal, KLIA and for a normal day where people are working and schooling, the airport was very packed with people going off to Mekkah. Checked in with mobile check-in without having to go through the hassle of queueing up at the check-in counter.

Oh ya, before I start, some photos are from my Instagram! Hahahaha, so sorry have to put you guys though it again, didn't really take much pictures with my camera with the fear of people snatching my bag. etc etc. (You sure say, LAZY then say lah!)

Boarded the plane and it was a two hours plus flight I think.. Had nasi lemak on board, it was preordered and noms, it never fail to make me happy. Throughout the whole flight, I was kept awake by this bunch of people sitting nearby us. They were acting as if they had never been on an aeroplane before.. Like talking REALLY loudly and they kept kicking our seats. They looked rich though.. But mom says who knows they are carrying imitation goods.

The nasi lemak!
Reached Bangkok and had to pass through immigration and the line was super long. Thank god we were one step ahead man, because the line was even longer after that. After that, we took the airport rail from Suvarnabhumi to Ratchaparop station! In the train it was so crowded that I was separated from mom and sister.. Luckily beforehand we discussed on which station to come down. What I have to say, Bangkok's train system is way better than Malaysia!! Cleaner and cooler, and people do not push to get on the train. I wonder how disappointed travellers would be if they stepped into Malaysia's train system.

Anyways, on the train we got to see all sorts of view, from the more rural area to the more urban area, from houses made of wood/zinc to cement houses. Pollution was obvious in the town centre where skies were gloomy and grey.. But life goes on for them I guess.

View from Ratchaparop Station
 After that, had to drag our luggage to go check in at our hotel! We stayed at Baiyoke Sky Hotel, apparently the tallest building in Thailand? (?) I am not so sure about that lol saw a building taller than Baiyoke. Threw our stuff in our room and chilled for abit before heading out again.. Mama wanted to pray at the ever popular Erawan shrine so we walked all the way there.

Colourful flags outside Platinum Mall.

In Bangkok, it is most known for the traffic jam! (Damn their taxis are so eye catching)

Elephants sold at Erawan shrine to be offered to the Four Faced Buddha.

People praying to thank the Four Face Buddhas, along with dancers, because their wishes came true.

Mama lighting up the joss sticks.

Some lady in prayer.

Li Wei and the shrine.

Me and the shrine.
The place was crowded and I could tell that the Thai people really believed in praying. The locals who passed by the shrine would stop and offer their prayers, or just show a symbolic gesture by using their hands to pray. It is said that this four faced Buddha would grant your wishes, and if your wishes came true, you'll have to come back to offer your thanks.. Or else.. Certain misfortunes will happen. Then there is a certain way of how you pray to the four faced Buddha. I don't remember how though.

 After that, we went to Central World as mama really wanted to go to Naraya to get some stuff for her relatives. The whole store was so packed with China tourists and apparently it is like that every single day! Got some stuffs for the high school mates and also got myself a new bag I fell in love with instantly.

Central World consisted of most of the high end stores but the prices were quite comparable with Malaysia so we didn't buy anything from there.

Next to Naraya was Cath Kidston and everything in that store was so pretty and pricey!! :((

Then, jeng jeng jeng, after that we went to Platinum Mall, the wholesale mall! First day and we shopped like mad! Got stuff that I always wanted to get. Hehe, you'll get a chance to see what I bought through my instagram or my Facebook with my outfit of the day.

Had dinner at the Platinum Mall food court and I must say the beef noodles were very very yummy! (I even went back for it on the 2nd day!)

Went back to the hotel and chilled!

Bought this watermelon at Baiyoke for only RM2

Their selection of cakes

Was too full to buy the cakes to try but they did look yummy and were very cheap. Bought stuff at the convenience store and it was really really cheap for us. Imagine those Singaporeans and Caucasians. DIRT CHEAP! No wonder Singaporeans are all dressed so nicely.

Our first day loot!

The end!