Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hello! As I am free for the time being, not going to be lazy by not updating. So I started my course at Sunway University College this week! Attended orientation on Monday and it was just full of talks. Had sort of a culture shock because KDU didn't have so many students and classes compared to Sunway! Heh will get used to it soon. Relied with tips from my primary friend, Sherman! So many years and still counting. Parking is so god damn far but I shall treat it as exercise! Let's hope this banana finds someone to click with in her class and then change her boring lifestyle for a bit! But first, need to work my ass off for good results! First week and already quite struggling! Oh ya and I don't have classes that often! How nice for first sem!

Well today after class, went to KDU to get my cert and also look for my MPW lecturer but he wasn't there! :( Gah hopefully I don't need the subject syllabus! Ma fan lah! Also met up with my baby there! Also saw Li May and Cindy! I miss working with Cindy. Heh Speaking of work, my last day is on Sunday! Can't wait. It definitely has been a great (and maybe eye opening) experience!

Oh, went and have English breakfast with fatty and then went for a haircut! Day well spent with the love and I was so tired from waking up at 6am.



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