Sunday, April 15, 2012

Late Lunch at Ben's, Publika

Hello there, on a blogging streak where I finally bring my camera out and snap photos of what I am doing everyday. Is that a good thing or what? I have also been on a instagram frenzy where you can follow me at applealoeism!

Went to Ben's at Publika, Solaris Dutamas because I have read reviews over it on the internet and it belongs to Benjamin Yong, the ex-owner of Delicious. Heh, I didn't know Publika had Ben's. I always thought it only has the Ben's General Food Store and Plan B. Any way enough of that..

le partner who teman-ed me there, Shenning
seating, and the ambience
 The cakes greeted us once we walked in the store and they all looked so yummy! Hehehe, had a hard time choosing what to eat as dessert. You can choose to sit inside or outside and the ambience was relaxing.. What I like was the placards which are placed on each and every table where you can ask your fellow diners random questions. "What is your best childhood memory?" "What do you think is the sexiest food in the world?" and so on..


Before I continue, here is what I wore for the day!


Asymmetrical dress from Cotton On
Bag from Sungai Wang Plaza
Oxfords from Vincci
Rings from BKK

Publika is a new artsy mall and I would definitely go back to this place again to hang out again, with more and more upcoming shops opening, then the mall wouldn't be so dead! On weekdays it is more quiet. Weekends it can get pretty crowded.


Back to Ben's. Honestly their service sucks. I called upon a young, new looking waiter to take down my orders. Waited for almost 15 minutes and the table next to ours who came later than us got their drinks. Then called another waiter to complain to him and guess what? The first waiter did not key in the orders into the computer! How frustrating! So he had to give us our dessert first. (so that we won't be more pissed off)

red velvet cake
spaghetti carbonara
The red velvet cake was mediocre. Not as tasty as what Illi, Terry and May baked! Hahaha, I ordered the red velvet cake because I was craving for it since the other day I had it. And as for the carbonara, been on a carbonara streak! Ordered it for a few times in the past few weeks, no wonder my weak stomach is constantly bloated. :( The carbonara was good! Not too watery but the bacon was too salty for my liking.

Will definitely come back and try more though! :)

Oh yeah, went to Publika with not a single dollar in my purse and had a hard time finding for an ATM. So in case if you're looking for the ATM there, it is at the lower ground floor, right outside Ben's General Food Store!



  1. I have not tried this place before and maybe can check out soon. The carbonara looks good but sad to say I don't eat bacon. Probably can try some other combo of meals here.

    1. Hello! Maybe you can request it without bacon, or some other alternative! :) Because it would be yummy without the bacons anyway!