Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cravings and Whinings.

Hello! Haven't blogged since forever. I know I am not an efficient blogger but no point whining about my very uninteresting life on repeat. So far, most of my friends are having exams right now while I am having the most relaxed timetable in the world wtf. For semester 1 only lah. We'll see in the next sem.

Right, so I might not be able to take ACCA if ACCA does not recognize my qualifications. T_T I don't know what is the status yet. So... Yeah have to wait and see. If cannot, then I am going to end up selling noodles already.

Might be heading over to Singapore with the high school bunch and my mom seems okay with that so why not? On the other hand, my bank account would suffer. Been spending a lot of money on a lot of things lately, fattening things. But when you're unhappy, you would just eat eat and eat.

Also, haih on the other hand I wanna be skinny. Been jogging and doing sit ups and walking like a kilometer from the parking to college.

Might join Michelle for nasi lemak session and also might be going off to KL for shopping session with le cousin. Cannot wait...

Meanwhile check out my ultra long list at the side of my blog wtf.

Ciao. (wtf reminded me of a friend who says, why you guys use ciao in KL?! Its like "jiao jiao jiaoooo") Dafuq.

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