Monday, May 21, 2012

need to blog because i know i am going to annoy the hell out of everyone if i tweet about everything i whine for and i am not satisfied with blabity blabity bla. so here i am, my abandoned blog, how are you doing? is anyone still even reading you? :(

while i am waiting for my episode of the season finale of how i met your mother to load, here i am.

i don't quite understand why am i still rooting for new clothes although i got so many new clothes from bangkok about two months ago. been staring at too many fashion blogs and blog shops lately and some how i am beyond tempted and i am wanting more pieces in my wardrobe. wish i could just throw out some horrible ones though, when i was going through the teenage la la phase. (c'mon you've been there)

1. i want round sunnies, or perhaps, still going through the phase where i regret not buying that pair of sunnies at that very store in bangkok fml.

2. i want a pair of comfortable chucks to walk in, perhaps also being able to match most of my clothes because i am lacking shoes to walk in and all the shoes i am left of now hurts my feet like a bitch.

3. i need a decent pair of heels that i can walk in comfortably so i can wear them to events.. or even flats, you get the point. pretty and comfortable heels or flats wtf.

4. I WANT TO BE SKINNY SO BADLY! well, i admit it, i give up easily... stopped doing sit ups already wtf, and i cannot help but eat eat eat. what is this even.... sigh i'll never be skinny.

5. i somehow want a really red lipstick to match my red nails when i wear any black or white dress. ha. ha. ha. unfortunately, mom doesn't have that lipstick.

6. also, i want to learn how to put on eyeliner wtf.

7. i want more classes, i cannot stand being home 4-5 days a week.

dying of boredom sigh.


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