Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So much for acting like a pro blogger wtf.

Hello guys. A lot has been happening in the past five weeks.

Five weeks ago, dad received a phone call that my uncle fainted in the bathroom. He was diagnosed with AVM (Arteriovenous malformation) in the brain, stage 3. I refuse to elaborate more, but a few days ago, he passed on.. To the after life.

It leaves me wondering how fragile can a life be. Why take someone's life away when they have been doing good, and not take the criminals' or thugs' life away? Sometimes, things like this are fated. I do not know what are the right words to say, but all I know is, we will all be okay and go through it. I know we will. All these things come unexpected.. I would not know what to do if it was me, what not my cousin.

On the other hand, I am back in college after my semester break now and it is as hectic as ever with another subject (Corporate and Business Law), and also more hours squeezed in our timetables. Yeah, I am happy about it, but I got to admit, I miss life in KDU, with all the breaks and all. Remember I was talking about being not so sure of being able to take ACCA? I called someone in Sunway to help me with it, and my application was accepted! God bless Miss Tnay! So I will be able to graduate at 21! (provided I pass all the papers in 1 go)

It kind of scares me!! Got back our progress test 1 (PT1) results and mine had an average of 80. Good enough right! But in Sunway there are more smarter people. Got to be more kiasu from now on!! I want to get first class honors or world prize! Big dreams yo. I can do it!

Ahh, finally feeling sleepy. Will edit this post tomorrow, when I feel like it!


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