Monday, July 2, 2012

Singapore Part 2

On Singapore day two, woke up quite early because we were heading to Universal Studio Singapore located at Resort World Sentosa! I have a love-hate relationship with this place because of the accidentally buying another express pass on the day I bought the ticket (which means I bought express pass for 27th of May). Explained the whole situation to RWS but apparently it is my mistake so I couldn't get a refund! Anyway, Resort World Sentosa if you happen to google about your theme park / website review, I'd say your picking a date in the booking system SUCKS! Most people use drop down menu, but you use some calendar system which basically confuses people like me.


Anyways to start of the day, met up with the bunch and then had breakfast at Epicurious! My cousin, Kenning recommended me to go to this place..

Me: My cousin say there is this yummy cafe near our hotel. I checked on Google Maps and it says its just around the corner. Yada yada yada.
Chi Shun: Er, Flo, what is the cafe called?
Me: Its er........ Er... Epi-something.. I cannot remember lah..
*continues walking*
Chi Shun points at a shop : ISNT THAT IT?!!

Hahahahaha epic fail, stay next to it and walk past it so many times also dunno!

Me with Absolut Vodka for breakfast, hardcore!
Terry & Chi Shun, haiyah, one bottle sap sap sui!
While we were waiting for breakfast, May & Aini went to camwhore!
Chi Shun's food
$24.00 breakfast platter
Me & my food

If you were not to convert the amount back into MYR, the food was pretty reasonably priced compared to the day before's dinner at Clarke Quay! Shared my big breakfast platter with Terry!! It was really value for money and I think it could feed 3 people. It consisted of A LOT OF EGGS (egg overload), sausages, bacon, grilled potatoes, baked beans, sauted mushrooms, very yummy bread, orange juice and a cup of coffee! No doubt it is voted as Time Out Singapore's best breakfast!

Chi Shun, Illi, Terry & me

Then we set off to walk to the MRT station (or did we flag a cab? I forgot) and then we took MRT to HarbourFront! I love Singapore's MRT! Million times better than Malaysia's train system sigh. Then we took Sentosa monorail to RWS! From now on, let the pictures do the talking! 

Me, May, Terry and Illi in front of Universal Studio Singapore
Terry photobombing May Yen!
Chi Shun & Aini, the sweet couple.
May and Terry!
Walked in to these singers and dancers, they have big leg muscles!
The high school bunch minus ahmad + dayana
Us again in front of Battlestar Galactica 
Beware of ogres, they say...

Too lazy to caption the photos already but got so much eye candy for you guys!! In summary I felt that my ticket was so damn worth it! Sat most of the rides and used our express pass to skip the longer queues. Actually I think it was not really that peak season lah, the lines were not thaaaaaaaat long! Oh ya, every staff at USS is so talented at taking photos one is it!! Ask them help them take pictures for us and it turn out so well! They are nice too and all look so happy happy at the parade.. Where do they get that energy to repeat and do that every single day!!

What I didn't like was the weather!! Most of us got darker and were mostly sunburnt although we keep slapping on sunblock on our bodies. -_-

Oh ya, did I sit on the Battlestar Galactica? Yup. Sat on the blue one (which was supposed to be milder than the red one) and I couldn't feel my arms after the ride.. Thank goodness I did not fell dizzy or it would have taken a long time to cure and it would have bothered everyone else. Me and my dizziness ugh. Oh ya, in case you didn't know, Battlestar Galactica is two rollercoasters side by side to each other. They start at the same time but go on different tracks. 

IMO, top 3 best rides : 1. Transformer Ride 2. Mummy ride 3. Water ride at Jurassic park 

Ah, after that, bought souvenirs at the USS souvenir store and then went to VivoCity! Ta pau-ed McDonalds and took MRT all the way back to Chinatown station. Walked back to hotel from some dodgey path.. Got back, bathed and omg so must sweat was washed off! Felt so clean after that! Had McD dinner with the rest of the bunch, talked on the phone with fatty Teh and crashed on the bed upstairs. 

Oh yeahhhhh, slept on the sofa bed downstairs on the first night!

Well that, is my 2nd day at Singapore.

Stay tuned for part 3 yo! 

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