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Sekeping Serendah Retreat, Malaysia

From the 23rd to 24th August, I went for a short getaway with the KDU College bunch to Sekeping Serendah Retreat, which is located some where near Rawang! Pretty late to blog about it but yeah! Here is what I remember about the trip. The day before the trip, went out with the Fatty to One Utama to catch The Expendables 2, we didn't get the Chuck Norris jokes. Lolol such failures!

After that, met up with the rest of the bunch except Yao Yao and we went to Jusco to grocery shop! Each of us chip in RM28  for the groceries, if I am not mistaken! After that, went home while the bunch went to Yu Wei's to overnight.

The next day, Yao Yao picked me up and we went to Yu Wei's cribbbb! Everyone else was just getting ready! Went to Kar Heong for chicken rice and then went to ta pau Chatime to drink on the way there!

photobombed :O

Sat in Yu Wei's car which is a Swift. The journey to the Sekeping Serendah area took about half an hour or more.  They showed at the map to turn right at a "fat trunk tree.... seriously" but when we came across the trunk tree we were all like SERIOUSLY?! So small only? Hahaha, drove in to the orang asli villages of Serendah..

I am quite amazed by how they can live in such a small house, with so many people living in the same house. Well, I think there is many people living in the same house because of the amount of cars parked outside of each house. These people do not even have a proper toilet, but I shall not elaborate on that lol! The main road towards the retreat was full of greenery, orang asli houses, ponds... And we reached a turning and to our dismay, the path leading to Sekeping Serendah retreat was so rocky! It is not recommended to sit a low car, or your brand new car! Should sit your 4 wheel drive there next time!

Heh, the rocky path
When we reached, we moved the stuff down from the car and into the glass sheds! We booked two glass sheds because the maximum amount of people tha could stay in one was 5! Heh, one for the girls, and one for the boys! The cooking was all done in the boys' place while the girls' place was the clean shed! Heh, they pretty much provide basic necessities so it is definitely not thaaaat bad, and for the price we pay it is worth it! There is (not that) hot water, 3 in 1 Nescafe and Milo, all in one body shampoo, conditioner and shampoo (how the fuck is this possible lol), cooking and eating utensils, a cupboard, mosquito netting and power plugs!

Let me show you around!

The outside area!

The BBQ area
The living area!
The kitchen area! 
The bathroom, quite slimy hahaha!
The bedroom with two queen sized bed!
The closet, and a basin to brush your teeth.
The area connected to the glass shed.
Dhivan chilling on top!

We went and explore around, and did some photoshooting! There are more photos but I am lazy to copy and paste them here, so you can always get to see them on Wei Sheng's facebook! Picture credits to him!

Group photo minus Wei Sheng
Le boys minus Fatty
What we use the mosquito netting for! 
All in one

This is the toilet wtf. From upstairs can see downstairs, see it all, although there is a curtain there, we were kind of disgusted by the curtain! Hahaha, so it is recommended you stay the same glass shed with people of the same sex and people you are comfortable showing your body to wtf. Wanna change also dunno where to change, cause the whole house is like glass, then have to make sure the boys were not coming to our glass sheds when we are changing lol! 

Credits to Yi Wei!
After that, we changed and went swimming! Heh, wont post any photos besides the one below cause I dunno who reads my blog HAHAHA.

Swimming was fun! Well, the boys had more fun, but ok la, haven't swam in eons. Hahaha, more like play water only lah. Went back and showered. Supposed to go waterfall but didn't want to cause we were scared that the water current was strong and it was also you know.... The ghost month. :S

Messed up bedroom.
After that, went over to the boys' crib and the owner of the place came and started the fire for BBQ session! And from there our BBQ session begins!

What we brought there!
Heh, BBQ till like 10-11 ish and we played Charades, it was fun. Some was hard, some was easy but people didn't get what was the answer. Went back and slept around 1 ish? Or earlier. The rest of the bunch continued playing games I guess.

Next day, woke up to the voice of Wei Sheng screaming to wake up or else we will be late for checkout haha! Had bread with milo and also bacon and egg! Yums.

After that I drank 3-in-1 Nescafe which caused me stomach discomfort for so long! :( Dunno why also! Hahaha, packed and left back to BSD. Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable trip.

For more info about Sekeping Serendah, click here! 

GPS devices with these coordinates*: N3.368050, E101.631150

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