Thursday, September 20, 2012

Banana Leaf Rice

I have the blogging mojo recently I guess!

Before I forget what is in my mind, here goes nothing!

Monday I went out with the high school bunch. It has been awhile since I have seen them ever since.. Hmm, Illi's birthday? Have not really been seeing them a lot since I am busy with college and studying for exams.

Aini has left to the UK and I didn't even get to go see her for one last time before she leaves, but I'm sure December will come by quick!

Terry picked me up at 11 and we waited at Damansara Specialist Hospital (DSH) for the people in the other car to arrive - Chi Shun, Illi and May! We were there to visit Dayana's dad. Got to catch up with Dayana and it felt good! Haven't seen her for about half a year.

Well, school sure does pass by pretty quick and now we are all here studying what we want (or we are forced to) to study and going in separate ways.. Future accountants, lawyer, vet, engineer and baker? :)

Left around 1pm and went all the way to Bangsar to have banana leaf rice at Sri Nirwana Maju!

Parked at Bangsar Village and was lucky to get a parking!

Heh, didn't take pictures, but here are pictures from the same place, which I took about a month ago when I first went to Nirwana with Fatty Teh.

The basic set of rice with the vegetables of the day; fried bittergourd, cucumber and potato.
With papadom, chicken and mutton as our side dishes.
Chatted away and met a new friend named Aideit, although he came by pretty late! By the time we were done with lunch, we were so stuffed! Verdict: lunch was sooooo goood! Although we had to wait for quite abit.. The downs is it is quite pricey!!! I thought banana leaf refills were unlimited until we saw the bill. They charged for the refill of the basic set :C

After that, left to One Utama and played bowling with Illi, Terry and Chi Shun. May Yen didn't play! We had Chatime and then left to May Yen's place to play the game of Life!!!

It was fun. Then we went to McDonalds where I watched the rest of them eat as I felt guilty for not working out at all!

As of today, I didn't jog for 3 days already omg. :C

Fats, may you go away quick.

Ah, pretty much a whatever entry. In college nao.


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