Thursday, November 22, 2012

3 things

3 things fatty changed about me.

1) Eating certain food that I used to not eat at all. Everyone knows what a picky and odd eater I am. I hate seafood but I still eat fishball, har gao. I hate food that smells or tastes horrible like melons, mangoes but yet I eat petai. So, fatty managed to make me eat mangoes and oyster..... So far, only that for now.

2) Flossing my teeth. Don't judge. Ever since I was young, I don't really take good care of my teeth. That explains the number of decayed teeth I have in my mouth. But hey, now I am brushing my teeth 2-3 times a day okay! Even if you feel really lazy, you have to brush! But all this while I never floss my teeth thats why all the icky bits get stuck in between and then your teeth gets decayed. So floss! Hahaha, I started flossing my teeth since... Last year? Fatty got me to start flossing my teeth wtf although I am not doing it in the right way, but at least, now I can have teeth like the Darlie advertisement!

3) Bothering to look pretty wtf. It is such a shame that I am a girl sometimes. I don't bother to dress up or buy clothes in the right size or also groom myself up properly or keeping in shape. Now, I try to do all those okay! I try not to dress so 'whatever' when I go out nowadays.. Even at college. But then the funny thing is when I dress up, I don't happen to meet anyone at all, when I don't feel like dressing up, all sorts of people I know just sort of appear where ever I go. Why is this related? Cause I want to look good for the other half? The feeling of not being good enough is always bothering me. Not pretty enough. Not skinny enough.. Blablabla. #truth And sometimes, I don't know what girls are supposed to know, and fatty does. 0_0

So far I can't think of more, but if I can, I'll be sure to jot it down here.


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