Friday, November 23, 2012


Hehe, don't know what is all the thanksgiving hype about but I am feeling pretty inspired to write right now.

So how did my day started?

Had class today and Cai Yun didn't come and Carmen dropped law so I was alone. Well. There was the rest of the class and the other group (cute guy came to class today) but me as usual, the quiet one... Unless I am really comfortable around you.

So I was pretty feeling like shit about the whole self esteem thingy..

And then we got back our mock law results which made me feel even shittier. Where did I stand in this lecturer's class. On the other end there are people getting 98 and here I am staring at the very unappealing law book and getting a 39... Definitely felt my day was even shittier.

Not like I was not bothered about other issues already...

Pfft. Well, in the mean time during class, when I am half blind trying to read what is on the slide squinting, I check my phone and there is a Whatsapp message. I am rarely active on Whatsapp.. I just don't know what to say ok.... Haiyo can say I am anti social lah. Whatever..

Anyways, it kind of made my day. Had someone to talk to about what I was bothered about and maybe things were not so bad after all. Cannot keep focusing on the negative side.. At least there is someone who tellls me my dreams are possible and still.. A dream even if it is smaller than the rest of everyone elses' dreams. Some day, I will achieve that dream. Someday.

Then, being already bothered about the law thing.. The lecturer out of no where says, if there are students in class lost in direction and don't know what to study at all, they should just go home and study instead instead of wasting time in her class. I did.. I went to the library and read a few pages and made notes. It was a small but improving effort and I plan to do so for the next two weeks.

Left for home because I could not bother attending class after lunch already.. And guess what?! I forgot to bring the umbrella down from my car and it was raining fml. Had to walk in the rain for quite a distance to my car. Sigh, get sick also nevermind one la. About time to get sick wtf.

After that, went to pick Terry up and met up with Chi Shun, May and Illi at May's place in Sierramas! Left for myBurgerLab located in Sea Park and I was the designated driver of the day. We went quite early and therefore there was a queue. Had to wait and then when the wind blows, oh my......... Smell of the longkang.

Us in the queue.
Brought my book down because my instagram photo that I was supposed to print out for some scavenger hunt event to get 10% discount from MyBurgerLab was in the book! When Chi Shun saw that, he asked me, "Why are you always studying? Take a break!!"


Haven't seen this bunch of people in a while and had a great chat with them. There are so many plans waiting for us next... Hiking, karaoke... I can't wait!

After myBurgerLab, we went to Meeples in Kota Damansara, a quite new board game cafe which i went once with Fatty before! We played about two games and then headed to Snowflakes for dessert! Then we went back to May's place.

Then I went home.

I also felt like.. There was no fun in my life anymore... Degree people are having fun and for the acca people fun does not exist in our dictionary. Been a brat in the past 11 years in school and wasted so much money already! I must carry on.

What am I thankful for?

Thankful for that listening ear whenever I need it. Thankful for friends, who although I don't treat quite right but still concerns about me. Thankful for a reminder to not pen myself up so often. Thankful for people who make me feel that.. They still need me in my life.

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