Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hi, its been a while.

As usual...

*blows dust off site*

I'll try to update more often here and less on twitter, since many cannot stand my annoying tweets about my daily miserable life.

I just need a place to vent my anger and sadness, and maybe a lil happiness.

That is all...

So what has been happening lately? Yu Wei's birthday dinner at the Bee, Publika with the college bunch! Haven't seen them in a while since.. Ages ago. Since I changed to Sunway... I guess so.

The girls and the birthday boy
It was sort of a themed dinner and the boys had to dress up with a coat/suit with shorts and the girls have to dress up in something nice! Kind of fun if everyone dressed up according to the dress code and not just only a few people did. Every one dressed up!

Also, attended a cousin's wedding dinner a few weeks back, and actually dolled and dressed up for it! Feels good to do that! Went to the salon to do my hair, and also got my sister to put make up on me!

Me and my two sisters
Me after the dinner, I think I kinda ate all the lipstick!
Me and Ning-a-Ning, why you like to eat chicken wings?
Oh, just nothing much. Me and my ride!
I guess I am going through the girly stage of wanting to try to put my own make up (I can say that I am a late bloomer wtf) after seeing so many people my age putting on make up like a professional already and I am like telling myself. Haiyo, no need make up lah, make up already skin become worse! But then with make up it can make you look so pretty. Gosh I don't even know how to put on eyeliner wtf. Also, my skin condition kind of getting worse. I used to be the one who can brag that I have the best skin in the family wtf no need to cleanse/moisturize.... But now, trying to find the right cleanser and moisturizer to use.

And when you get all self conscious about yourself....

Weight has always been an issue for me. I am never skinny.

I was skinny at the age of 13 or 14, and that was when I starved myself. I told myself to count the number of times I chewed my rice before I swallow, and I stayed away from chips and meat, and back then I could fit into a size 22. So mom bought me this pair of size 22 skinnies from Pull & Bear and it was soooo pretty. Only could wear it for a few times before puberty hit me wtf.

Fml. Then mom say why I become so fat.

From size 22 to 28.

Never really bought pants in the past few years because jeans became uncool to wear wtf... Until last year when I got myself another pair of skinnies from work! Size 27 and I thought to myself shit I got skinnier padahal UNIQLO sizes are sort of weird for us Malaysians. And yesterday I went to Topshop which is having sales now! So I grabbed a size 28 shorts and also a bralet top which I have been eyeing on since forever... And tried on them. I couldn't even fit into the pants.

..... Shit me.

And in the past few weeks I have been working out. Working out as in doing sit ups, abs exercises and even doing cardio activites like jogging and hiking. Imagine what was my waist size before I exercised! Wtf.

My progress so far! At least there is a flatter tummy when I look in the mirror now ok! And I used to see flabs whenever I look into the mirror.

The last time I weighed my self, it was before going to Sekeping Serendah and my weight was 50kg. I want to be.. 45kg. Just lose 5kg will do! But on the other hand, I also want a flat tummy when I lie down on my side!

I will try my best to do the best I can do!

What inspired me to begin to lose weight?

It is so hurtful to be called fat.

So hurtful looking at someone else's body and going like woah, they are damn thin and then they are also so damn pretty!

Because, I want to be skinny enough to wear a bikini..

HAHAHA. Ok lah.

My study progress? 10%

EDC classes have begun and I can say that it is shit ass boring because I haven't do my questions yet FML and I am rushing to finish studying before I can do them! Exactly one more month to finals, and I don't know how I am going to pass all my papers. Or do well in them.

Serves yourself right for wanting to take a 100% exam based question.

At least I don't have to rush assignment or get shitty groupmates in group assignment right?

My classmates, I guess they are nice, but I just can't seem to click with the rest of them so well because of language barrier and my confidence issue. So hard to talk to people sometimes. I don't know the right words to say.. I am thankful though that there are at least some that I can click with. Maybe I'll get to know them better next sem. Who knows?


More updates soon aite?


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