Friday, October 19, 2012


Mock is over. MEH.

Which means, study break! Basically the break is for about one and a half week only because we have EDC classes and extra classes. Then finals in December JENG JENG JENG! Scary eh, to think that the year is progressing so fast! I think among my high school friends, I'm currently at the fastest pace now, but oh god, I dare not say about what next year is going to bring me, please please let me pass all my papers next year!

I guess I know why I have been blabbing less in this space here. I have someone to blab to about what is happening everyday in my life. But what if I lose that someone? What is there to look back on what has been happening for the past year or so?

I think I'm considering opening another blog as a diary lol! By that I meaning, typing it out to no one, the only reader should be myself.

Got myself a haircut yesterday, back to straight ends instead of the layering because my hair is so spoilt by the layering! But my fringe kinda looks like crap now... It always looks like crap right after a haircut. Maybe after a week or two it'll get better.

Also, on Wednesday, went for lunch with the classmates after mock paper at sushi zanmai! It was fun, and I hope to know each of every one of them better soon!


Though I kind of look like crap in this photo, but yeah! Hahaha.

Also, meet Cai Yun and Carmen, during an outing with them at Paradigm Mall! 

Ok la byeeee!

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