Sunday, January 27, 2013

All in one

Hi! I am now typing this on my phone and I hope the photos won't turn out to be retarded as I uploaded earlier on my computer. My keyboard is being a bitch as usual. And yes I am too lazy to get a new one! So what's up lately? Need to update this space more frequently so I can get some ka ching from Nuffnang! They da best!

Last weekend I was supposed to join the 10 (or the 9) which ever you call it, on a trip to Penang but momma says no. So okay, so be it. I'm honestly tired of tolerating this shits and I am such a coward sometimes. I know I should do something about it but how do I do so without hurting her feelings? Went out on Sunday instead with the high school mates; Terry, May and Chi Shun! Arrived there early and window shopped with Terry! After that Chi Shun and May arrived and we watched The Last Stand at TGV! I do recommend you to try watching movies at the newly renovated TGV at One Utama. Their popcorn tastes yummier than GSC's. Then their air cond super cold and there is ample leg space! And I guess it's better to try the beanieplex now before it gets disgusting when more people use the cinema..

  Camwhored with them at the bench. Hehe, love them to bits for making my weekend a fun one instead of me staying so miserable!

 Also had coffee and cake at Whisk Outpost. Did I ever mention that this is one of my favorite places to eat cake? Love their red velvet cake! Also if you have coffee there, there is no need for you to add sugar. The coffee itself is good enough already!

The next day, I went for class in the morning and then went to One Utama again to meet up with Dayana, May and Illi. Met up with May Yen and soon Illi came! Caught up at the bench while waiting for Dayana. After that, went to Chili's for a short lunch! We had tortilla wraps, Caesar salad with grilled chicken, nachos and chips. After that, wanted to head to SSB to have a look see but we realized we probably won't know anyone there wtf. School, seems so familiar. The greenness, the teachers, schoolmates, dramas, gossips and proper classes. Can't believe it's the 3rd year we graduated from high school!

 I seem to have an obsession with sweaters lately. Maybe the trend is over but I am still into it because wtf now only cheap! Being a thrifty cheapskate as usual. Who cares if it's not in trend? As long as I look good in it and it is cheap! Oh ya, and how does my face look? Does it look smaller? I like having a smaller face after all that exercise but some people disagree. They say I look like a person who is malnutritioned wtf.

 This is what I eat every morning! Yogood muesli with strawberry and hazelnut bits, with milk! It is so so good you should try! It contains less calories than eating bread or Malaysian nasi lemak brekkie! Apparently the Yogood peanut butter is yummy too! Will get my hands on it someday if I can!

Yesterday (Saturday), brought mama and my cousin, Mei Xin, to Paradigm Mall! It was sort of a last minute decision after I told them again about UNIQLO having RM49.90 special price sale for the colour jeans! One Utama would definitely been crowded so Paradigm it is! For the past week, I have been to KL and other places but did not get anything because I am either too indecisive or I don't seem to find shit I like!!!

But hey. I bought some stuffs from Paradigm and I didn't even walk the whole mall.

 Bought three pants from UNIQLO! I am a happy girl for being able to fit into pants a size smaller than usual. Anyways, when I was in UNIQLO, bumped into Melvin, whom I had no idea was at paradigm mall also! Hahaha.

Went to H&M after that and got myself a burgundy outer knitwear / sweater for only RM39 and another burgundy dress for RM80!

I am indeed a happy girl as I don't really spend money on clothes nowadays! Yay to more new clothes to wear! Soon there will be more I hope!


Things have been horrible lately. All I want to do all day is sloth in bed and not talk to anyone at all. Why are humans made to be this way?


More Updates soon ok! Gotta crash. Xoxo

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