Friday, February 8, 2013

Mighty Burger Fest @ Wondermilk Uptown.

 Being a dedicated blogger means having the urge to blog and finding other ways to post something on your blog although you are being restricted from it. I am on the verge of throwing my keyboard from the balcony to the longkang below before it sure is getting on my nerves.

Ok, so last Sunday, which is on the 3rd February, I went to the Mighty Burger Fest organized by Wondermilk. As of now, who wouldn't know about Wondermilk? So famous for their pretty looking and yummy cupcakes! I remember since a few years back, I am constantly exploring, wishing and wandering around Wondermilk's pretty site and looking at their pretty cupcakes. Look how much they have grown ever since! Always wanted to order their cupcakes but I can't bring myself to because I am kiam siap like that hahaha.

Anyways, thanks to Illi, my high school mate, for ajaking us out that day!

Wondermilk had all sorts of burger consisting of all sorts of ingredients. We all know that one of the food in trend lately is the burger, with burger joins like myBurgerLab, Burger Junkyard, Fat Boy, etc, mushrooming everywhere. That day, they had Zombie burger, Tempe of Doom burger, Mr. Bombay Stick burger, Chuck Norris burger, Hot chick burger, Burger semut, I love you so mushroom burger, dynamite dawg and the del toro hot dog! Pretty funky names they have there. Do they taste as good as it sounds like?

The I love you so mushroom burger
take 2.
Zombie burger
We had to pay at the counter and then collect our burgers at the stand outside. It was pretty crowded and so we had to sit outside. It wasn't that hot either because there were fans provided.

Me, Illi, Terry and May Yen came in one car and we had our burgers first while waiting for Chi Shun. He was sort of late, and it was so funny when he arrived. We were just talking about him when I looked the other way and this dude with aviator shades was walking in our direction.. Then it hit me, " OH. Thats Chi Shun!"

Chi Shun and his burger

Chi Shun got a new phone recently so we girls were busy selca-ing with his new phone and hijacking his instagram. :p Haha, pretty cool phone. (Any phone with a clear front camera is a pretty cool phone) HAHAHA.

From L-R May Yen, Chi Shun, Terry, Illi and lastly me
If you ask me how was my burger, I had the I love you so mushroom burger. In my opinion, the presentation of the burger and fries combo was not appetizing. I think its because of the fries haha. But the burger alone looks good however, a little small sized for its price (RM15). It was so full of taste, with a thick patty and turkey bacon, which was tasty and salty enough for my liking!

Spotted a good pastel pink striped background behind our table so we captured more pictures there before we left!

Also, used up the first of my Hello Kitty polaroid film!
Pop art function on my camera
May, Illi and I
May, Terry and Illi

Okay, so after that we went to One Utama to get some supplies, and they got bubble tea. I also got to see my Fatty for like less that 5 minutes or so. Heh heh.Left for May's place after that.

May and me!
Played the game of LIFE with the bunch and chilled for a while. After that, Illi fetched me and Terry back to BSD and then Terry fetched me back home because the other members of my family ditched me to go Genting for dinner hahaha. And this is what I had for dinner.......

A bowl of cereal and a piece of papaya.
So that sums up my Sunday.

Here are other pictures, happenings from other days. (which I forgot when)

Ombre knitwear from H&M. I would so get it if it isn't RM99.
TWG Macarons from Ah Di who stopped by the other day.
Our photos on Whatsapp! Whee.
Time has been too fast for me. Look, tomorrow is Chinese New Year eve already.. However I don't seem to have the mood. The only thing I am looking forward to is wearing my new clothes and perhaps buying more with my angpau money. I can't seem to find anything in my cupboard to wear nowadays and I am just wearing the same outfits on repeat.

Also, got my results already. Well, sorta, through a leaked link which was spread around by everybody. With all my last minute effort, I did pretty well (for a last minute effort). Imagine if it is without the last minute effort.. World prize is possible if I study everyday. How do I get myself to do that? Got to reconfirm my results again today through the official website. I pray that everything goes well for me, and my classmates as well.

Right, so I have been seeing my Fatty now and then. Went for movies, dinners, and getting a haircut with my fatty. Hehe, oh ya, I plan to save money every week then in April/May-ish when my hair is long enough, I'm going to dye my hair. Can't wait to see what the outcome will be like and what everyone around me will think. Of course I will not dye some funky colour or else I'll look like a bird wtf. Probably just brown, but not a too light shade of brown, maybe a darker shade.

Fatty is back in Penang, with his family and yummy food. I hope he gets as fat as possible until he gets back. Can't wait to see him again..


Why do I say time is too fast? I can't keep up with everyone's pace. Studies, health, friends, family and what I want to achieve this year. Look, healthwise.. I have been abandoning exercise recently and yesterday I caused a scene. Sort of fainted at a restaurant and went to the doctors after. Low blood pressure and fever. Studies wise, had progress test a week ago and I feel so dumb. I know no nuts about the management paper and also tax. Friends wise, I don't keep in touch. Yes I have been going out more than usual.. But I don't bother to initiate conversation or ask how are things. Probably the same reason why people don't bother to tell me things too. I am sorry I am such a bad friend. Family wise. Forever not setted problem.

Sorry for the sour ending, I guess I just needed a place to rant.

Until then,

Happy Chinese New Year.


And off I go to do my nails.


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