Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dear Diary

How did my week go?


Went to college and then went home exceptionally early. Did the laundry, washed my yoga mat, vacuumed upstairs of the house, mopped the floor too. :)


Today, I didn't have college. But I went to college too!

Went for badminton session with Choon Mun, Kang Zi, Justin, Suman, Tommy and Chong Yu. It was really fun! Haven't played badminton for a really long time. Ever since KDU college days I think! Hahaha, should really join badminton sessions more often. Felt like a total noobie in badminton. Don't know when to surf, who surf, why must change positions and all. Hahaha! After that, went home and did more exercise, then showered and had dinner.


Went to college and had tax class. Lecturer gave so much homework. Like real accounting homework. Even more than Encik Harri's homework. And speaking of homework. I haven't done any yet trolololol. It was a bad night for me and I didn't sleep at all.


Felt like a total zombie in the morning. Some serious headache going on. Nearly got into an accident my god.  Went to college for Mr Tan's class and then went and ta pau McDonalds to eat at home. At home I nua-ed in front of the TV. Did more house chores.


Went to college and it was management class again. Felt like dying for the total of 5 hours of class. Only highlight during college was with Carmen and Cai Yun. Glad we have the same thoughts on certain things! Went to pyramid for lunch and ate McDonalds again. Two days in a row. After class, went over to see fatty and we had chilli pan mee for dinner and had cake at Dreamz bakery after. The boys came over for some cheong k session. I think I'm starting to like my Friday nights. Ha ha ha.

Mama didn't sound too happy, but shit. I have been home for the other 6 days of the week.

Haven't done my CNY shopping yet but I am just too kiam siap or too indecisive.



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