Saturday, March 16, 2013

The many faces of Florence, just in case you miss my face. (but I highly doubt it)

Exam season again and my prep is nil. Ling dian ling ling %! I honestly don't know why do I still go to uni for lecture when half the time I'm not listening lol. Well, maybe just to meet up with the people there.

In other news,

Dropped my pair of powered glasses which looks damn good on me (perasan sial) into Sunway University's toilet bowl. I know I am such a genius. And I have yet to make a new one yet. Each day I pray the same frame is still available for order. Sigh.

Also, visited the dentist for the first time in a bazillion years and got a shock on what he had to say. Had to waste so much money but I promise I'll take care of my teeth better now wtf.

Felt damn useless, spend so much money in a week. I don't know why am I so sensitive to money. Like I care too damn much when I use money whether it is mine or my parents. But shit I have been spending on god knows what and earning no nuts recently. Not like I have put their money into good use all these years. The kiam siap in me or rather the accountant in me overpowers me wtf.

Current favourite artistes: Bruno Mars / Maroon 5, such beautiful tunes to listen to while driving in the car or while walking to uni from parking. 

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