Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burger Junkyard @ Kota Damansara

Hey there, just a short update before I take a quick snooze and head to college again.Things are getting pretty hectic these days for everyone with finals around the corner and own responsibilities to juggle.

Today, went to finally try Burger Junkyard which is located at The Strand, Kota Damansara. For those lost souls out there, I'd suggest you use a GPS, and for those familiar with the area, Burger Junkyard is on the same row with Dreamz Bakery!

Wanted to try this place when I saw this one day on instagram a couple of months ago. One day, drove all the way from Bangsar to Kota Damansara just to find it closed. :C

My classmate, Kah Weng, saw this burger deal on LivingSocial at RM10 inclusive of a half sized burger (they didn't tell us it was half size), fries, drinks and dessert.

We thought to ourselves, "Waaaaa! So good deal and it looks so good!"

Burger trend nowadays what to do? Hahaha, got to try all the mushrooming burger joints around!

And my classmate proceeded to buy the deal for all of us.

Most of us gathered in college today. Well we had to wait for quite awhile for everyone to gather up. The disadvantage of having such a big group I guess and everyone is doing everything. I was just done with tutorial class among with the rest while the others were at F9 exam.

So when all the drivers were ready, I just went to the nearest car driver, Lim, who was known for his reckless driving skills, where some people regarded it as pro. Well, I knew but I couldn't be bothered because I was hungry and I just wanted to reach the place fast. Reached Kota Damansara in 20 minutes from Sunway and then proceeded to a nearby mamak to yumcha first because I was that hungry. Had a piece of tosei and I am grateful for friends like Cai Yun and Carmen for always taking care of me. :)
After that, walked to Burger Junkyard, and when we first entered, what caught my attention was the graffiti on the wall!

Mrs. and Mr Burger

We arrived there around 1pm and the shop was not too crowded. I guess it is best to go on a weekday afternoon then! :)

So the through the LivingSocial deal we got, the burger we got to choose was Blue Paranomia (RM14.90), Formage Et Fungi (RM14.90), Balsamic Beefin' Onions (RM15.90), Hoola Hoop Hawaii (RM14.90) and the Buffalo Soldier (RM14.90).

I bet if you were me, you will go like, "Sure pick the most expensive one lah!!!"

Hehe, studied through everything and opted for the Formage Et Fungi, the MUSHROOM burger! Who doesn't love them mushrooms! And from the picture there it looked so so good. So let us see how it goes.

So the burger ordering process is similar to myBurgerLab, you order what you want and then you pay. And they will pass you this little rat with a number on it and you take a seat. (they have pretty limited space at the shop and it is best if you go there during non-peak hours) They will then deliver your order to you!

The menu for your reference.
Three tired mei nv's *self praise level 99* Cai Yun, Carmen and me
After awhile of waiting, our burger came!!! My first reaction when I saw it was...


Cause I was really really hungry and sigh RM10 ringgit deal what to do right?

But then.. Turns out. My verdict, the burger was so full of flavour and up to standards. What makes the burger special is the steamed cheese and the thick patty! IMO, better than myBurgerLab's burger. Oh ya, you also get to choose between chicken or beef for your patty, and you get to upsize it by ordering regular, or MEGA size your burger (adding an additional patty to your regular burger).

For vegetarians, they also have vegetarian burger! So considerate of them to think of 'em vegetarians. :)

As for the fries, they came with a dip which tasted much like mushroom or pasta sauce and the dip was only so-so to me. The fries were somehow soggy, well maybe because we came in a big batch of 20 people then they had to cook so many at the same time. The fries were sprinkled with herbs, but to me, myBurgerLab's fries wins Burger Junkyard's fries.

So? Come Burger Junkyard eat burger, go myBurgerLab order fries. :P

Would definitely come back here and try the other burgers, and I do want to try the Brooklyn Burger which I was told it was the bestseller!

For the drinks, we got some syrup which was part of the deal and it tasted not bad, but on the menu they had Coke, Sprite, and Fanta.

For the dessert we got some, 'ai yu' jelly. Most of us didn't finish it because the taste was too sweet and too strong for us.

After devouring the meal, I can say that it was enough to satisfy my hunger, I am not sure about the boys though, so if you were a guy, I'd suggest you take the regular or buy two sets of the living social deal.

Lastly, a group picture from us ACCA April Intake 2012.

No. 16-g, Jalan PJU 5/20d,
The Strand,
Kota Damansara,
 47810 Petaling Jaya,

Phone : 03-6143 4305

Opening hours : Mon - Sat: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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