Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What to get for her?

Another wordy post perhaps? But no one likes to see blogs with only pictures and 0 words too, right?

First of all, sorry if anybody gets offended. HAHAHA. And this might be a hint post. Or maybe not cause its too general.

So its that time of the year you have to get your girlfriend/ female friend a gift again. Or maybe you are not sure what to get for your daughter, bla bla bla.

Here is a good guide on what to buy a girl for presents. Well, I think the suitable age group here is teenager and above hahaha. Obviously.

1) Money

Who here don't like money? Everything needs money nowadays. Wah make me sound so money minded wtf. But yeah, I would love to receive a big amount of ang pau so I can spend it!! Haha, rather than receiving a present that I have to pretend that I like. (but on the inside. "WTF what is this?!!!" admit it, you felt that way before) So next time you dunno what to get for your friend, give your friend ang pau LOL. Even though if there is only RM20 inside, I'm sure she will help you put the money to good use hahaha!

2) Gift voucher/card!

If you don't feel like giving the person money then, gift voucher! Well I am not sure whether a lot of stores here in Kuala Lumpur have gift cards or not but then I know H&M got (here). Ever since H&M come to Malaysia, I am sure every girl... And guy, is into the craze. How high street their clothes can look when you pair them in the right way. Some sort of a cheaper. Okay, more affordable version of Topshop!

Why should you get gift voucher?

Because sometimes, if you can't trust your own taste in picking nice clothes. Or you don't know what type of clothes your female friend likes and then you scared later she receive then she don't like it.

3) Clothes.

You can get your friend a new nice dress you think she would look good in! Like one day you saw something nice and you think that she will look good in it, get it for her, then she would have to wear it out one day! Maybe one day you saw something nice and suggested her to buy but she said, "Aiyah I don't think it looks good on me lah!"

But you know it looks damn good on her. Get it for her lah! (But you have to be an honest friend lah, if she looks fugly in it obviously don't get it for her LOL)

Maybe one day you went shopping with your friend, and she saw something she like, but didn't have enough money to get it. Too kiam to get it. Too broke to get it. Then... You know what to do.

Even if you don't know her size you can always keep the receipt and price tag nicely, most stores have 2-4 weeks of exchange policy so you can bring your friend to change the size if it doesn't suit her.

Not only clothes lah, you can get her new accessories, shoes, or sexy new underwear perhaps? ;)

4) Beauty related stuff

Like fragrance perhaps? Does she like the scent of the perfume that is so overwhelming? Or does she like a lighter, fruity scent? Or has she been raving to you about this perfume she's been wanting to get? Or you can always get her a make up set, or how bout both? Hahaha, if you have the budget lah. Sometime ago I went out with Ah Di, we went and scout at Victoria Secret and they had cute gift sets in very nice packaging (+ point!!!) Beauty products, erm. Depends la, whether you know what your friend uses or not. If not don't simply buy LOL.

Actually quite easy to make a girl happy on her birthday what!!! So far what I can think of is the above.

Oh ya, for parents right....

5) New gadget!

Be it a laptop, a new iPhone or a new camera. You do hear your daughter talking about the latest gadget and how everyone is using canggih gadgets nowadays. Yet she doesn't ask it from you. And you think she deserves it, get it for her lah. BUT BUT, not when she just got a new phone half a year ago then make her learn to use her gadget longer lah don't spoil her.

Or maybe just.. Let her work for her own gadget for herself. *SIGH*

Then if not,

6) Food

Bake her a cake or perhaps, buy her some cupcakes? Or any other thing she loves to eat.

Bring her out to a nice dinner, perhaps dinner date? :)

Or.. Maybe just a few close friends together for a comfortable dinner/gathering.



I repeat.


EVER had a surprise party before, make her one. But plan it like a pro, don't let her feel suspicious.

7) Make her feel special.

Nobody wants to feel not special on their special day.

This is the least you can do.

Ok la just a few ideas wtf.

I am that bored bye.

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