Sunday, May 19, 2013

Coffee Workshop @ Università del caffè della Malesia

Hey ho.

Just got back from a illy coffee workshop at Universita del caffe della Malesia which is located in Phileo Damansara 2. The workshop, is worth about RM500 ringgit for two persons and if you ask me how I got to go, lady luck was on my side on Thursday.

Won it just by retweeting a tweet and I could bring a partner along with me. I chose Mom as, well, it is good to bring mom out and around once in a while!

Only got out of the house at 1.40pm ish and reached there around 2.10pm. The location of the place is right beside Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya but it was a bit hard to locate the office. We didn't know which lift to take because there was so many lifts and the parking was quite scary! Mom said there snatch thief cases were frequent in the Phileo Damansara area. Took about 10 minutes walking around the parking and finally located a guard to direct us to the office.

The event starts at 2pm to 4pm but thank god we weren't the latest one to arrive.

We were brought into a room which had like a class room environment and we sat in pairs along with our partners. Mom and I had to sit at the last row as the seats in front were already occupied.

The various coffee making equipment on the left of the room! 

 We were offered coffee once we entered the room while waiting for the others to arrive! On the left is mom's cappuccino and on the right is my latte! The latte was rich with coffee flavour, and I had to put some sugar in it so it didn't taste too strong for me.. I still prefer the latte at Whisk though.

Then, Ms. Evelyn began the workshop by pointing out several things on slides, I did take some short notes and I am going to bore you for a bit.

Have you ever heard about illy coffee? illy originated from Trieste, Italy.

There are two expressamente illy in Malaysia, one in Pavillion and one more in Bangsar Village. The speaker said if you were to want to taste coffee made by better barista, Pavillion is the better one to head to.

We were taught on how to identify robusta and arabica coffee beans. illy also purchases their beans directly from the coffee growers instead of middle persons to encourage and maintain the high quality of coffee around the world.

We also got to know about coffee transformation, what kind of aroma coffee produces, the types of coffee machine, what is in the coffee machine and more!

Do you know how much of expresso is there in a expresso cup? Only 30ml.

It was my first time tasting expresso, and it is supposed to taste from sour, to sweet, to bitter, all in one. However, I only tasted the sour and the bitter part. Hehe, maybe more fun coffee experiences to come some other time.

After that, we got to sample different different kinds of coffee made in different ways.

Firstly, the barista showed us how to grind coffee manually and it is so troublesome to do it that way, thank god for technology nowadays.

Waiting for 4 minutes for the coffee to brew.

This funny looking funnel is called a Chemex coffeemaker. Of all the coffee he served, I think the one that came out of this tasted the best!

This one, is the turkish way of making coffee. Basically it is burnt coffee. The coffee is boiled along with the coffee powder in it and it is drank that way. It was really horrible. :(

Coming for this coffee workshop has taught me alot of things, like being a barista is not easy at all!! Totally not easy! Have to measure the amount of coffee powder to put and know when to stop the coffee, and know how to judge whether the cup of coffee will be tasty by just looking at it.

The various parts in a coffee machine!

My outfit of the day. OOTD.
Top - Forever 21
Jacket - Jean
Shorts - MNG
Shoes - Agape Boutique
Bag - Sungai Wang Plaza

More about Università del caffè della Malesia:

UDC Malaysia started in 1999 and it is the first outlet in South East Asia. There are various types of classes available and the coffee workshop on top is more to the consumer side. In the class, it is divided into the coffee area, and the bar area.

To know more about UDC,

Università del caffè della Malesia
Block B, Unit 901, 9th Floor,
Phileo Damansara 2,
Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara,
46350 Petaling Jaya,

Phone Number: 603-79603808

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