Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hello, went out with the bunch to celebrate my twentieth birthday recently! It was supposed to be a surprise but the surprise failed again. We never have such luck with surprises. Most of our surprises fail so next time we shouldn't bother doing surprise parties anymore. :X

On the day before the surprise:

Melvin: Where are you going tomorrow?
Me : Going OU with my high school friends lah why?
Melvin: I know! I'm going also!!!
Me: Huh why? Who call you go?
(inside my heart it's like : Err. I don't think you're supposed to tell me?)
Melvin: Got lah! See!! I told chuuu! You wait and see lah.

Went to One Utama's Chili's on Monday night for dinner. Was supposed to arrive at 7pm.

Before that, I went and pick Melvin up from his home. Traffic was like shit because it was after working hours. When I reach his house, I had some fried rice first and some vegetables cooked by Melvin himself hehe. It was really yummy, and no I am not lying. :))

Left to One Utama after he was done, and arrived at Chili's. Had our meal and we were so full! Next thing we know, the Chili's crew were singing happy birthday and brought out a cake! It was a birthday celebration for me, May Yen and Aini! 

May Yen was arranging the fondant alphabet which ran out of place.

The cake was baked by my very talented best friend, Illi! This is the ultimate chocolate cake with kit kat, rocky/pocky, M&Ms and Maltesers!! 

When it was time to cut the cake, we were like, how to cut the cake?!! It is too pretty to be cut!

Pretending to cut the cake :P

.... Then le pro cake baker had to help us cut the cake. Hahaha!

The people who attended the dinner: Aini, Illi, Phang Long, May Yen, me, Melvin , Chi Shun, and missing in the picture Terry! :)

I also received presents from them! :D

I received a candle holder from Terry and Body Shop fragrance and body lotion from Aini, Illi (?) and Chi Shun. :))

Left after the dinner and was full as a ball, and contented too.

When I went home, caught up with the pictures on the social media, and also went to put my polaroids together.

I realized that I have been with Fatty unofficially for the past two years . How time flies, and we do look different in every photo above, taken on different occasions. 

Today is Terry's birthday!

(I know you read my blog!)

Yesterday, Illi, May, Aini and I gathered at May's place to make a card for Terry! Illi invited Terry, who was working at One Utama, for lunch today and told him that she has to get some stuff in OU and everyone else was busy!

Today we went to OU at 11.30am to go get Terry's present! Then we chilled at Boost Juice Bar for awhile before heading to Starbucks to take away Terry's favourite drink! Green Tea Frappuccino! We even asked the barista to write on top HAPPY BIRTHDAY! for him! Hahaha, hopefully you like the present and the drink! :)

We went and surprise Terry at his workplace!! And then we went to Nando's for lunch!

Terry with his presents and the card!

Birthday boy and I! :)

Terry, me, Illi and May.

The other half of the KKR's couldn't make it! Had fun with them today like I always do. :)

Again, happy birthday Terry, hope we brightened your day today! I'm glad that we are friends again, after that one year not talking to each other. Hopefully, we'll go on more adventures and explore new things, and most importantly, earn more big bucks! :)

Top: H&M Basics
Shorts: A Loft Of Things (Sunway Giza)
Bag: Longchamp

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She said:

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  1. Oh! Yum! Yum! I can’t take my eyes off the cake and cupcakes. It was wonderful going through this cake. She is a grown up now. Happy birthday to her! It is also a very nice event venue. It’s strange how kids grow up so fast. My daughter also turned 25 last month. I feel so old now. Anyways, God bless you!