Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kin Kin Pan Mee @ EAT Food Village, Publika

Today was one of those days my parents are not home for dinner, which is pretty much a rare occurrence. Me and Li Wei decided to have something we will not have everyday for dinner.. So we thought of going to Publika to have a look see.

I didn't feel like having anything Western, so we decided to have dinner at EAT Food Village, the non-halal food court that has so many choices! There is Lorong Seratus Tahun, BM Yam Rice, bah kut teh and much more.

I saw Kin Kin Pan Mee, and who can ever resist chilli pan mee right?! This is my first time to having Kin Kin pan mee. The person manning the counter must be busy cooking or something. Had to ring the bell several times before I am served.

We came about 8pm and there was the after work crowd on a weekday. I do wonder, do this people have dinner prepared at home on normal days or do they have their dinner outside everyday? Where they find the money to do so lollll.

Apparently, from my observation the two stalls that have the better business is Kin Kin Pan Mee and the renowned Lorong Seratus Tahun.

Had Kin Kin's Chilli Pan Mee (RM7.50) consisting of pan mee with anchovies, fried shallots, spring onions, and an egg on top. Oh ya, not forgetting the chilli too, you can add how much you want. Soup is also provided, just in case the pan mee is too spicy for you.

Well, to me, this pan mee is overrated, as compared to Chilli Pan Mee Bandar Menjalara or Jojo's Little Kitchen. I felt like this could do better, since there is the hype all over the internet about this. The chilli is spicy enough (I added everything), but the pan mee is too dry, and it lacks of flavour.

There are other choices as well, soup version of pan mee, or yee mee. Price range is from RM4 to RM7.50.

FC11, Restaurant Kin Kin, 
EAT Food Village, 
Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Opening Hours: 
10am - 9pm daily

While I had chilli pan mee, my sister ta pau-ed food from The Cup Rice and Noodles, which is located outside EAT Food Village. 

Loving the clean and simple packaging. :D

She had the Bulgogi Mushroom Rice (RM12.90) which is not bad for a price like that! Hehe, I had a nibble or two of her food! Will definitely want to try anything to do with bibimbap or kimchi next time when I am craving for Korean food.

Cheap and yummy Korean food, it is possible after all!

After, that we went to Ben's Independent Grocer and did some grocery shopping and went home. How good if there is more days like this, being able to freely eat dinner hehe.


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