Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fatty leaving.

Just me doing Chuckei's pose hahahaha though she looks way prettier doing so.

I know I haven't updated this space since very very long ago and it is only filled with food reviews and not my personal stuffs. I guess it is because we have other social media platforms to update the world like Twitter, Facebook and also Instagram!

What has happened lately?

Sent fatty off to the UK to further off his studies.. I have to admit, I am very heavyhearted for him to leave, but, it is best for his future right? Just have to take it as a test to this relationship. Whatever happens, happens I guess. Nothing much to say about how I feel anymore.

Picture credits to Mr Yu Wei. Just want to document this day somehow, so some day later I can read about this again in the future.

This is my first time sending a friend off at the airport to further his/her studies. I am a terrible friend, best friend go UK, I never send her off, boyfriend go UK, must send him off.

Well, shed so many tears for many nights, still couldn't accept the fact that he was leaving until that very week. Tried to spend most of my time with him. That's the only thing I can do right, I can't change anything anyway. Had a farewell party for him as well, will blog about it once there are photos hahaha.

On the day before Melvin left to UK I had class from 8 am to 5.30 pm. Couldn't see him during the day so I went to his house after dinner... And it was awkward with his parents around and I didn't know what to do, or what to say, as he was busy packing and I didn't know how to help. We went for a short snowflake date, and that was it. I had to go home after that...

The next morning we were supposed to meet at Yu Wei's house at 7am, but Yao Yao only picked me up from my house at 7. Melvin's flight was at 10 am. Thought we couldn't make it to the airport cause it was so jam in the morning. Wasn't feeling that well from the lack of sleep and was feeling upset too, until Kar Wai asked me, "Are you OK?"

Then I couldn't control. Tried not to cry. Tahan..

Reached airport and Melvin was just checking in his luggage. PHEW.

Took photos and then watched Melvin eat his dim sum and it was time to say bye. It was that time when I let everything out. Couldn't tahan. Too many feelings. :'(

After that, threw the letter I wanted to give to him because I forgotten to pass to him hahaha! Then we left. Before we left, we walked through the entrance of KLIA and wow, in that automated door thing, we could actually hear our own echo. So we were like minions there going all, "Ba na na? Pa poy? Helloooooooooooo?"

Hahaha, after that left to Jasema for breakfast with the college bunch, just like the old times. Having our usual roti segi empat, tosei, telur separuh masak, hot milo. Nyum nyum nyum. Except this time, we've all changed in in a way, more grown up I guess? Haha, exchanged insults and stories. Then we decided to go to Kuala Lumpur for a little shopping spree.

Pardon the crappy outfit, hahaha. Our damage done! Each and everyone of us bought something from KL! More shopping to come. After a long day, then went to Pudu to have early dinner with them, had yummy muar chee and fried chicken. Went home after that. :))

Had a great day out with them, rather than just staying home and emo-ing. :(

I guess, everyone has been worried about how I am lately. You know who you are. But let me tell you the truth, nothing you say is going to make me feel any better, but I still appreciate the time and effort spent trying to make me feel better. Thanks for showing that you all care! I am truly blessed to have people like you guys to care about me. I really don't know how I deserve this, for someone so awkward and .... Very... Well........ Me.

I guess time heals everything.

Jia you!

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