Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Remember what blogging used to be like? Blabbling about your day and also taking the effort to upload photos?

Now people blog less because there is other social media to share on directly from the phone, or primarily blog just for the ads and the money.

I was just looking back at my old entries in my blog today where I wrote about everyday. It was too funny to read.

Lucky for us, a genius came up with this app called Dayre which is available on App Store and Google Play. It is even accessible through the computer!

You can update an entry of location, photos, stickers, videos, quotes and words with a maximum amount of 500 characters! You can upload multiple entries a day and the best part is when you read the post it looks as if it is one whole post, just like blogging. I might sound a little confusing here but once you use the app you will get what am I saying.

Look how cute the stickers are!!

You can follow your favourite bloggers, and get your friends to use Dayre so they can keep themselves updated about you and your life, and you get to be busybody and see what they are doing too! There is a feed where you can see who updated recently and you can just click to read their post.

You also can interact with your friends, by being able to like and comment on their post. Very easy function on the mobile app, since commenting on blogs with the mobile phone seems like a hassle nowadays.

Haha, I will update more about my daily life in my Dayre, and here I also will still update, with the photos I took in my camera here more formal la. Well, by the looks of the photo above, I blogged about the question everyone bombarded me recently. To read more about it, follow me on my Dayre here. 

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