Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello guys, before everyone starts updating about how their year went, here is how mine went! I finally have time to write on my blog, and if anyone still reads this site, holla there!

Things that happened during the year:

1. Just finished my 14th paper of ACCA, results won't be out till February 8. I am not very optimistic about how the outcome is going to turn out, but who cares, enjoy the holidays!

Honestly, didn't think I will make it up to this far. My main people I look up to are honestly, Sherman and Jean. I think I mentioned it everywhere but they may not know this hahaha. Honestly, they are so capable for being to pass everything in one go!

2. Got to help a friend out with a blogshop. Not sure whether if I'm allowed to put this on my list but this is a first for me, and honestly it sounds quite fun! Always wanted to set up a blogshop of my own but never took the initiative to try. (I think I will end up shopping for myself instead)

3. Bought my first bikini.

Always wanted to see myself in one one day, but I don't have the body to wear one HAHA. Not like I have a body to wear one now (I am back to being a fatty)

Sadly I don't have a picture with me in it at the beach because I kept my shirt on while I was at the beach. SO SELF CONCIOUS HAHAHA. I don't know what is the point of me buying it then. I remember contemplating a whole hour whether to buy it or not. 

4. Went clubbing for the first time.

Yeah.... Wore that to a club because it was sort of a last minute thing. Anyway, nothing much to say about this, just something to jot down in my what-I-have-done this year list. Went another two more times and got to say I enjoyed myself. (Hi mom if you are reading this........ OOPS)

5. I turned 21.

I did not really do anything big for my 21st and am kind of regretting it haha, anyway good to spend it with both family and friends. Really blessed to have made it to 21 years old, safe and sound although I am always fucking up in life. 

Also not included are the gift I received from my favourite ACCA tam jiaks. Didn't have a celebration with them then because it was finals season.

Speaking of a small celebration, when mentioning it to my mom about how my friends celebrated their 21st, she said "What to do your birthday always fall on holiday or exam?" #sadlife


Capital letters because I have heard so much on this place and everyone has been here before. EXCEPT ME!!!!

Went to Redang with my tam jiak homies after June finals, and to summarize it up it was a beautiful trip with great company. Would do it all over again if I could, haha.

Also visited Terengganu town area too, million thanks to Carmen who let us stay at her family home. She is from Terengganu, and I'm eternally grateful for meeting someone like her since day 1 of ACCA. She is a great friend, always caring and looking out for everyone, and we can click pretty well too.

7. I went to my first prom.

It was at Sunway, did my hair and dressed up.

Food was pretty good, loved the live band. The only part where it was awkward was the part where you didn't have a prom date and everyone started dancing in front.

Oh ya we celebrated Justin birthday there too!

8. This is unbelievable but I participated in tug of war competition.

And we got first runner up, not an easy feat! 

Me and my team!

9. Manage to climb all the way up to Broga, this time without stopping. 

Went with Chun Kit, Ban and Carmen. We reached there when it was pitch black and I swear I nearly peed in my pants out of fear cause we were like the only two cars there. We nearly walked on the wrong trail too!

10. Friendship

At this point in life where I am busy juggling with studies and myself, it is definitely a bonus where there is time to spend with any of my friends. As an ACCA student, most of the time when I am free, the rest of my friends are not, when they are free, I am not. There are some gatherings where I have to forego, but nevertheless grateful for being able to keep in touch and catch up with some of the important people in my life once in a while.

The above are people who I see in Sunway on quite a frequent basis. So much love for them for dealing with my blurness and laziness too! Also love it when I can rant to them about my day hahaha and sit down at study area to study together, get fat and gossip together.

This bunch of rebels from college are my favourite bunch, hands down. More time spent with them this year and I'm glad that even if we are all leading different lives we still meet up once in a while and talk about almost everything.

My high school bunch, I see them once in a very long while, but I see Chi Shun and Terry more often because we are spontaneous like that. "Eh you free now? Wanna head out for dinner? For coffee?"

If you know me, I hate planning in advance alot, because plans always don't really work out for me in the end.

11. Self development

Learnt to put on make up this year.

Make it a habit to put it on when I go on outings and I have to admit I still suck at it. Still much room for improvement.

 In terms of personal style, I haven't been really out shopping anything new.

 I think that 2014 is quite a good year for me. I learnt a lot this year and I begin to feel more comfortable with myself. I realize that I need my friends around me and there are people out there who appreciate my presence. I like how my life is going right now. Starting to experience new things, and finding myself again. I am happy with how the year went, and one last thing I hope for in 2014 is for my health to get back on track.

 2015, will be a year I complete my thesis and hopefully graduate, and work of course! Fingers crossed to a better year ahead.

 Signing off with love xx.

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