Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Resolutions.

Pretty apt blogpost at this time of the year.

Here is mine?

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Hahaha, just kidding.

I did not list down any resolutions for the year 2014, and the year went by pretty well to be honest. You can read about it in my previous two blogposts.

For 2015, I definitely have certain things I would want to achieve.

1. Be able to start a conversation with a stranger, or a friend's friend.

I have trouble talking to people. I realized that when I am out with my friends, and when they bring their friends along. It's not like I do not want to know the other person but I don't know what to talk about, I fear of being judged particularly because I can't really speak Mandarin very well.

2. Get a job, since I have attempted all my papers already.

Been too comfortable at home without a job while my other classmates have work while studying experience. Wish to enter one of the Big 4 and survive my 3 years of audit. I hope to learn a lot in the audit field and particularly about the industry I am auditing, and also get to know more people at work!

Also been relying on my parents on raising me and paying for my living expenses and also 15 years worth of education fees. It is my turn to provide for them instead.

3. Save up for travelling to Europe.

I want to see the world. One of the places I really really want to go is Europe. However, don't think my parents can afford bringing me there at all. It will put a burden on them to do so. They have already went there before. Most of my family members have been to Europe but I have never been towards the west side of the world before. I want to see how beautiful Europe is, and for that I got to save up for it!

4. Finish ACCA and my thesis.

Already paid Sunway for the tutor fees for the free degree (so technically it is not free). I have to complete it by 2015 no matter what or else I will not ever complete it anymore. Hopefully I manage to pass my last 3 papers in ACCA. If I haven't, I aim to complete it within 2015! It is a must! Hopefully I will still have the will to complete it.

5. Exercise!

I haven't been eating right or exercising for half a year. I don't know where to start again and its terrifying how I can't control myself anymore. I look in the mirror and see myself and feel so horrible about how I look in the mirror.

Need to start exercising again to stay in shape or else I can't fit into all the pretty clothes that I have bought when I was at my skinniest wtf.

6. Improve on my Cantonese.

Going to Hong Kong in February and I also foresee having to use this dialect in my working life very soon. Hoping to improve my Cantonese this year. Learning starts from the bottom so I guess I have to be laughed at first in order to improve.

7. Throw out all my old stuff (including clothing) to make room for new ones.

I guess its a transition to another stage. Well, there are parts of my room where I need to throw out, such as unnecessary college books, high school books, old soft toys, and also old clothes irrelevant to my current life right now.

Probably also want to revamp my room, from a kiddy looking one to a more mature looking one? I am still using kiddy sheets and kiddy curtain.

If I have time, a room makeover will be great.

8. Rely less on social media.

I have a very bad habit of updating my social media very frequently where people can find it annoying. Hoping to spend less time on Twitter and Dayre, and only post more relevant and relatable posts. Well, sometimes I post things where I want a certain person to read but I am also afraid that the other people will judge.

Also need to start taking care of what I share since I am going to start work soon.

If I could, I would want to go back to using a non smartphone, but that would be like cutting contact with everybody else.

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