Monday, March 2, 2015

Dresses to Wear To Office

Hey everyone!

Recently started a new chapter of my life and started work already, in fact today is my first day of work and it went pretty well I guess..

My new dilemma besides having to overtime has to be what to wear to work?

I don't want to constantly dress in the the plain jane shirt and pants combination so I figured out that stocking up on dresses would be great for me! For a person like me who needs my beauty sleep, I'd rather sleep a little longer and spend less time dressing up but I still want to look stylish and professional at the same time.

Wearing a dress is optimal as usually I can just slip it on and zip the back of the dress, and voila, I am done!

Most importantly, I don't have to go through the fuss of ironing and also buttoning up the shirt.

So, what kinda of dress would you wear to office? Here are some ideas from me after surfing the internet and also getting ideas from my siblings who are working in a office environment.

Would wear this decent and minimal bodycon dress because it will show off my curves. (which I worked so hard to maintain) Definitely a self confidence boost there.

This look can be also on a Friday, where you would love to have a drink or two after that long week, so when going to work, I would wear this dress on the inside and perhaps a cardigan on the outside, and after work, it's time to take off the cardigan and rock those curves.

If you are not comfortable with showing so much skin, maybe a midi dress will be more appropriate, but you still can show off those curves. With a longer length, I guess it is more convenient for you to prance around the office as compared to a short length where you have to make sure you sit appropriately so you don't flash your undies to anyone. (hahaha)

Besides that, just like the look above, you will also look more professional at business meetings with your clients or your co-workers.

This look is a look I have been meaning to rock but then I do not have a suitable body shape to wear peplum dresses. I think the peplum dress is suitable for someone with small hips (and I don't have them). Why do I say so? It is because whenever we look at someone wearing a peplum dress, it emphasizes on the hips.

Though I must say, if you can pull off the peplum dress look, you will end up looking very good in that dress!

Be sure to pair your dress with high heels and the perfect work bag and you are good to go for work!

Hoping to able to inspire you people who just started work like me or are feeling a little out of style at work lately.So, please do have a look at ZALORA as they offer an extensive range of women dresses online from various local and international brands.



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