Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hong Kong Visual Diary

You would have probably seen all of the photos above in my instagram (follow me if you haven't!) but still got to document this down here for the purpose of safekeeping the memories left behind.

Flew to Hong Kong on the 3rd of February and got home on the 9th of February along with my KDU collegemates for a graduation trip. Sadly, did not pass one of my papers but still grateful that I managed to pass two of it. Hopefully I would be able to pass the June exams and be in time for the September graduation session so I will be on par with my collegemates who have graduated from degree.

 Anyway, too lazy to document everything in detail, but in short, it was an enjoyable yet tiring trip, thanks to our very own Bubbles who planned everything out. Would like to apologize if any of us did not seem to appreciate your effort and also if there were any misunderstandings throughout the trip.

Here is what I remember about Hong Kong though.

Food wise, this time we did not manage to have dim sum in Hong Kong. Will definitely try eating the much raved about Fook Lam Moon dim sum here when I come back for my next visit.

Everything pretty much suit our Malaysian taste buds. Some places were stumbled upon, and some places were from reading blogs about their trip to Hong Kong.

A few places you have to go are Mak Man Kei for the wan tan noodles, Australia Dairy Co. for the breakfast set and milk pudding (SO WORTH THE HYPE) and San Yang Coffee House for affordable and edible breakfast and lunch sets (pork chop).

I guess if you stay around Jordan Street, it is quite convenient and affordable. The MTR station is nearby and also there are many cheap eats around, namely street food and bakeries. For street food, their curry fish balls were quite disappointing as compared to our Malaysian curry. However, their egg waffles are really really good!

We bought egg tarts and bread from roadside bakeries and they tasted really really good! Do not have to go all the way to Tat Cheong bakery as said by the blogs. Instead, if you stay at Jordan area, maybe you can try the egg tarts by Bakery King.

Other than that, you also have to try their yin yung (coffee mixed with tea) and ice milk tea! I assure you that you will not regret it.

We also had HK style steamboat on one of the nights in Hong Kong and it was quite heartwarming to have such a meal in the cold weather. In terms of taste, where can beat Malaysia's one lah?

Also will not recommend you to try Tsui Wah because it is overrated in my opinion and it was quite tasteless and pricy to me.

There are still a lot of eateries and foods we have not explored yet but I am glad we got to sample some of Hong Kong's food.

I loved walking around Hong Kong and also enjoyed the convenience of using the Octopus Card on every public transport. Oh, and their public transport is so so reliable! I wouldn't mind travelling to work everyday in their efficient MTR. One thing I loved about walking around is each time I walk out of an MTR station, I get to experience different scenes in front of my eyes, I walk out of Jordan Station, I see that it is a middle class area, I walk out of Central, can see that it is a more atas area.

I also loved the fact that everyone looks so well dressed in Hong Kong. Quite amazed by the fact how women can still wear shorts and high heels in such a cold and windy weather, also all of them seem to be picking up the whole Stylenanda Korean dressing sense now, and men suit up to work. It is so easy to find good looking men and women in Hong Kong just by walking at the streets.

The nightlife in Hong Kong, I guess you have to go look see yourself at Lan Kwai Fong, quite an interesting experience, but I guess the Hong Kong culture is to come out and mingle and have fun for a night? The music was not that good and it was too crowded to even dance and people were just pushing here and there.

The touristy areas in Hong Kong are overcrowded with mainland tourists who made the experience not so enjoyable for us. Would recommend you to check out whethere mainland tourists are having any holidays or not before you book for your trip or splurge on any Ocean Park, Disneyland or the Peak tram tickets.

Generally, the people of Hong Kong are okay to you as long as you are not mainland tourist. You have to let them know if you are Malaysian or Singaporean and they will be happy to chat with you! If waiters and waitresses seem rude to you, just don't take it into your heart and take it as a joke. If I were to live in such a country, I would be an angry grumpy employee too with the high cost of living.

We also went to Macau and stayed at the Venetian for a night, went to the casino for the first time but I did not play. Only watched people play cause it is a new experience to me and I musn't be too greedy. Also, this time around, glad that I got to try the famous Lord Stow Bakery's Portuguese egg tarts which were worth the hype, and also finally got to visit St. Paul Ruins after missing it in my first trip to Macau.

More photos and detailed stories about Hong Kong, if I were to be hardworking enough to upload them.

Till then, Hong Kong, some day I will definitely go to you again.

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