Monday, June 8, 2015

My first surprise experience

Remember a year or two ago I wrote about how I have never ever experienced a surprise birthday party before?

Well, now I have.

I will always do dinner together on Friday night, with a few of my very onz colleague, specifically Ying, Eryn, Justin and Chun Hou. Haha, so Eryn asked me if the usual dinner happening on Friday is still going on. I said why not?

My birthday so happens to fall on Friday, but no one has invited me out yet to celebrate.

But nope, Eryn did not mention anything about birthday at all.

We were supposed to meet up at Publika at 8.30pm, but at 8pm she kept calling me and telling me that she doesn't know the way to the restaurant. So I told them I was on the way, but actually I was only leaving home.... Like a typical Malaysian.

Got there and met up with Ying and Eryn. So they see me dressed in my dress and heels and go like, "Why you wear so pretty for? After this you going anywhere ah? Wear so nice for what??"

So I was like okay lo...... They don't remember. " Er... No la, felt like dressing up mah!"

I think I turn red on the spot. While walking, Eryn made a call to Justin and said, "Eh you just parked your car ah? You want us to wait for you? Florence is leading us to the restaurant now!"

Led them to the restaurant and met up with Chun Hou, it was damn crowded outside so I was like shit, we need to wait!

Then they were like, no need lah, and we walked in and there was this whole bunch of people singing to me happy birthday!

The people I have met through EY orientation and also special thanks to Tim for inviting me to one of those Friday dinners!

I have not known this bunch for long nor have I always appeared in dinners and gatherings, but I am glad to be able to meet such fun people at work instead of being miserable at work.


Wei Li





Joel Yong

Wei Yong

Tim in the middle on top, and also Sze Hsien on the bottom of the photo.

Opted to have drinks because I have to go home and cut cake. Hopefully it wasn't too boring for everyone who expected more! For me, I did have fun for the night though.

Sometimes I think to myself, what did I do to deserve all this?

My friend told me to embrace it.

So thank you everyone, I am such a bless girl, and will definitely learn to give back to others too and be more of a friend.


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