Sunday, May 3, 2015

Verbal vomit


Just felt like writing a little here instead of spamming on my twitter account.

To be honest, I am not sure of who I really am right now.

There is still a daily struggle going on to adapt to this new busy working life.

It's getting to an extent where I am using food to console myself and that is just horrible.

Trying to squeeze in a workout or two whenever I can and I hope it improves during offpeak.

Recently have been meeting new faces and going out with a bunch of my batchmates and I am happy that there are so many relatable topics where we can talk about.

The most recent one is social night where there was a company gathering at Black Bull, Avenue K.

Me and a few of my colleagues kinda crashed some random people's photo on the left side.

This was our departmental destresser where we had free The Last Polka ice cream!

Don't quite understand what's the hype all about but so far, out of the few flavours I have managed to try on that day, I think nutella is the best!

So far I have been loving going to work because of the people at work, but the workload is so so much. Recently been very unproductive at work and I began to think a lot...

Most of the March intake people who came into my engagement along with me are leaving or planning to leave. Is it a bad thing or a good thing that I am still holding on?

Also feel that what I am doing is like just extracting the previous year's into current year and not using my brain at all to think real hard and be good at my job.

Haven't been a very good individual either, my temper is on the edge most of the time, haven't been doing housework, haven't started studying for finals, haven't been going out with my friends, haven't had time to even sleep well.

Just want some time to unwind and die in my bed, or just have some family or me time at home, which I am doing right now.

Hoping that things will get better during off peak.

Another thing that I have to learn is to not judge people so instantly, and not hold grudges at people who tell me off, and point out on my weaknesses. Really really need to have an open heart, but I think this itself is my weakness. I know I should take it in a way where I have to improve on my weakness and not blame others.

It just has been a really rough week.

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