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Penang Photo Diary

Hi guys,

I took three weeks off to just rest and relax after a hectic 4 months being on the job. It is definitely some much needed rest and I got a chance to visit Penang and Singapore in a week. As much as I wished to have the chance to travel to another country further away, I guess that needs some proper planning.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the photos I have captured in Penang, and hopefully you get to visit them too on your next visit to the island. 

The photos are uploaded straight from my phone, so sorry about the alignment or if the photos are out of the usual 3x4 ratio.

Went to Penang for a one night trip, left for Penang around 9am and by the time we arrived it was around lunch time.

Our first stop was at Cecil St. Wet Market. You can easily look up the location on Foursquare/Swarm app, but I will attach the address anyways for your convenience.

Popiah at Penang is quite weird, they put gravy on top of the popiah which makes the popiah really wet, as compared to KL style popiah where it is more dry.

 Every single time we stop by this market, I have to get this! Lor bak, at around 80 cents per piece. There is loh bak, century egg, fried prawn crackers, tau gua. You are supposed to dip it with the provided gravy...

Prawn mee! This is one of the prawn mee stalls that my family always frequent in Penang cause it is really flavourful. Though its hard to describe the location of this stall, because in Cecil St. Market alone, there are numerous stalls. This stall is located more of in the middle of the market? I know my description is not much help, but do ask the locals around which stall is better.

There are many other foods which are not pictured such as kuey teow soup, char koay teow, nyonya kuih etc etc.

This market is sort of a hiddem gem and I like the fact that there are not much tourists here. Prices are cheap and the food quality is good too. Well, you can also get quite yummy dried bak kwa here at this market. 

Cecil St. Wet Market and Hawker Stalls,
202 - 218, Lebuh Mcnair,
10300 George Town,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

After that, left and checked in at our hotel to rest for a while. We were staying at Cititel Express, a new budget hotel in Georgetown. I would say that the hotel is very clean as it is new and it is alright for a short stay. It only costs about RM100+ a night, and I would come back here to stay again the next time I come to Penang.

Headed out for the famous Penang Road cendol at Lebuh Keng Kwee and I would say that after expanding their business out, their cendol isn't as good as before anymore. Maybe it is because prices of ingredients nowadays is not cheap, but there is lesser cendol and red beans and also lack of brown sugar/gula melaka which made it not as flavourful any more.

We had to bring a tourist around Penang therefore we headed to Kek Lok Si temple for some prayers and also to show our tourist friend around.

Made a wish on the wishing tree!

I remember coming here with my rebels a few years back and making a wish here too with them. It is good to be back to offer my thanks and also pray for everyone else's future and health.

Left and went to Batu Ferringhi after that. Sneaked in to Rasa Sayang's beach to just chill and walk around after that. It used to be a yearly affair for my family to come and stay at Batu Ferringhi area until one day, the tsunami happened and my parents have this fear of the tsunami reoccuring again.

 When on holiday, wear lazy pajama pants. Super comfortable and airy. When the wind blows, it really feels like an air conditioner down there. Not kidding.

The sound of the waves is so soothing. Brought my swimwear along for this trip but the hotel we were staying at does not have a pool. Hopefully I will get to go swimming some day soon. Haven't gone for swimming in a while and already missing the cool water.

Had dinner nearby and then went to Gurney Drive. I bet you all must be like wtf the food there sucks bla bla bla, but I have to say, there is this one bubur cha cha stall that we have been frequenting for the past 10 plus years?

After that, went to the hawker stalls at the Sunway hotel area to pick up some kuih ketayap and apom there. We took away so many pieces...

Left and drove around Penang to catch some of the famous wall art.

I have been wanting to check out the wall art ever since it was there but parents and friends do not like doing so because of the hot weather and the crowd.

Went back to the hotel to KO and woke up early the next day to hunt for more murals.

Got to give thanks for Mr Ernest and the Penang government for making such places a tourist attraction and giving the locals a chance to make money from all these. I would say that its quite worth visiting for once as the paintings are all quite well done.

Headed to check out China House, a cafe/bar where it has a cafe on one end, and a drinking place at the other end. The house is super long! Got to say it is quite an interesting place to visit. Spent quite some time at the house to just admire everything.

I have seen various photos on instagram regarding the cake and pastry display at China House, and true enough, the cakes are beautifully displayed.

I went for the lemon poppyseed cake, as we rarely see cafes serve such cake. It was not as good as expected but maybe I just chose the wrong cake. Surfed recommendations on the internet and also the waiter recommended the tiramisu cake. Will get back here next time to try it and hopefully it won't be as disappointing as the lemon poppyseed cake.

We had brunch here and I got to say, despite paying so much for brunch, it was well worth the price. If you read my previous recommendations on brunch, I do not sound too enthusiastic in any of my posts... (HAHAHA)

I have never exactly found a brunch place which I think every bite of the food is heavenly.

I think that this is the place. I had the mushroom bruschetta which was the bomb. It was not too oily, the mushroom was sweet and juicy, and combined with the parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, yums.

Helen had the muesli with yogurt and I feel its quite worth it paying for it! There were generous portions of berries, raisins, nuts, pineapples, mangoes and bananas, and when eaten with the yogurt is just.... Too damn good.

The breakfast wrap was just so so though.

They have a lot of food choices here though, it took awhile for us to decide on what to eat but we settled on the brunch menu.

I will definitely come back to China House for the live band one day.

China House Penang
153&155, Beach Street,
and 183 Victoria Street,
George Town, Penang.

+604 263 7299

Before we left the island, went for another round of food hunting at Genting cafe, Jalan Delima.

Apparently the chee cheong fun here is famous! But I still prefer my KL chee cheong fun haha. The sauce in the Penang version has prawn paste in it and not everyone may like the taste, but the chee cheong fun was very smooth!

 The muar chee here though is damn good. The peanut is fragant, and the muar chee is still served hot and very spongy. The funny thing is, they serve their muar chee with onion flakes, which I do not like very much, so I always have mine without the onion flakes.

Been taking this home to KL every time we stop by this coffee shop. Just tell the uncle that you are bringing it back to KL and he will pack the peanut and the muar chee separately for you.

The laksa here is decent as well. Did not manage to have the one in Air Itam so just had a bowl here before we left.

Genting Cafe
Lorong Delima 3,
11700, Penang,

Just came to Penang for a short get away, there are many more places which we frequent in Penang which are not listed above. I think each and everyone has their own favourite makan makan spot in Penang and mine happens to be the few listed above.

Each and every person's tastebuds may vary so if you actually try any of it and don't find it as good, sorry!

Next post, Singapore photo diary.

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