Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm finding it hard to sleep at this hour.

It's the 2nd day of CNY and so much has happened so far, particularly today. Which left me wide awake on my bed at this hour replaying today's event again and again in my head.

Today I witnessed a death of a stranger, right in front of my eyes. It was definitely not about the CNY taboo, I don't really give a damn about that.

We were out for dinner with my paternal side of the family. We had 7 tables and only 5 tables were seated as at that time. We were waiting for 2 other tables when suddenly the ruckus started. Some woman at the next table started screaming her lungs out and my mom was like, "Doctor doctor!"as she remembered that my cousin's husband was a doctor. A man has collapsed on the floor, probably due to a heart attack.

He performed CPR on the guy and he did managed to wake up again, but the ambulance came a little too late..

It was agonizing to watch his wife and son by his side. Screaming at him, "Wake up, don't sleep anymore! Dad! Dad! WHERE IS THE AMBULANCE? WHY ARE THEY NOT HERE YET?"

I swear it was scarier to watch in real life and his son looks really young.

We didn't really had the mood to eat after that but decided to just go ahead with the dinner since we have 7 tables and it would be tough to make an impromptu decision to switch places. I can tell you though, I'm really affected. I sat there in a daze and Ah Di had to told me to snap out of it.

There are just too many things running in my head. What the family expected to be a normal CNY reunion dinner filled with happiness and warmth, became one where it was the last time they saw their son, husband or dad. Can you imagine how much pain the family must have felt? It really broke my heart there and then.

I guess you can say I'm affected by these kind of stuff, because well... One day you and I may lose our own parents too and I'm not sure how would I feel at that exact moment. It really scares me. But I certainly know that shrieking like a mad woman does not help with anything when we witnessed it earlier on.

My uncle told me, where new babies are created everyday, there is definitely going to be death everyday too. It is indeed up to fate.

Yes, there is. But I believe we can live much longer if we take precautions, especially those deaths linked to medical related conditions. Most of it is due to ignorance by the person themselves when they already have obvious day to day symptoms. The chance of surviving is definitely higher if you managed to find out why you feel so uncomfortable and get the necessary treatment.

Also at your deathbed, I guess you can really see who are the ones that are true to you. It is damn true. In the total span of the whole drama. The affected family came in two tables. But only the immediate family was there to cry and get worried about what is happening next. The rest of the people at the table left quite fast when this guy passed away. Perhaps they thought it was a taboo during CNY but really??????

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