Friday, April 13, 2012

Floral Love.

the other day when I bought Dad a shirt, le colleague gave me a Hello Kitty paper bag!
jade green nails, and ring from BKK!
my current favourite, although sister keeps saying it smells like antibiotic
from this angle, my feet look skinny, somehow love this shot though.

Bunny's tinkerbell necklace.
 The floral dress I am wearing is bought in Bangkok's Chatuchak Market for only RM20! What a steal. The dress fits me just fine and I know I am not skinny, or rather Thai girls are small built. Fell in love instantly with the floral prints.

Spent the day with m today. Shall use just an acronym for him from now on. We went to somewhere new today! It was not the same old One Utama dates. Hmm, though we had a hard time driving to KL and looking for Farenheit 88's parking! Wanted to go and check out UNIQLO Undercover collection. Haha, then walked over to Pavillion and had late lunch at Din Tai Fung, as Ben's was closed for renovation..

some so called signature dish. 
pork chop fried rice
m's satisfied face
 So we ordered an appetizer, pork chop fried rice, a bowl of ramen noodles and 8 pieces of xiao long bao which I was craving for since last week. Everyone comes to Din Tai Fung just to eat their xiao long bao.. On weekends, you usually have to queue up/take number just to get a table at Din Tai Fung. To me, their fried rice is not bad either! Heh, I remember it is the same in Singapore. The queue was crazy.

Oh, not forgetting, I couldn't take Chinese tea, so I drank leong cha instead, while m drank barley and bragged about how yummy it tastes. Took a sip and I was in barley heaven. Best barley hands down.

Went window shopping afterwards, and when I discovered the Forever 21 store. I am a happy girl. Saw a pair of floral oxfords (not sure if it's the right term) which were on SALE but I have this fear that my mother would chop me if I get anything new. Oh ya, I DID! Bought a men's crew neck tee I can wear to college or sleep in .. In that shade of grey, just that yummy shade of gray. :)

Shall end this with another photo of me.


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