Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Say Hi

Hello, left my computer on for a couple of hours and then the next thing I know I come back and see a gazillion pop ups on something about Windows. Wonder what is the problem, and also.. My year was changed into the year 8093. Or some number like that. Is it a sign that I am going to win the lottery? (Sorry just read a book Becareful What You Wish For)

Speaking of books, it been awhile since I read some chick lit, really really need to start reading again. And now in ACCA, there are ofcourse, no more English classes. I can feel my English going down the drain. Even my mom said so.

Me: "Wah the water so big ah!"
Mom: "Wow your Engrish so powderful ah!"


I haven't been a really socialable person lately (actually its all the time) and I don't feel like taking photos anymore dunno why!!! But I still post stuff on instagram lah, so be sure to follow me @applealoeism on instagram! I guess I still have not come to the fact that I will be forever alone and that I am not exactly good with people. Must learn to live with it and accept this fact... Because no matter how much I try to be a more socialable person, I'm not happy. I'm not happy pretending to be all tolerating your bitchiness and everything else. I'm not happy feeling how the real world is like..

In fact I think I should find a new hobby (housekeeping perhaps, with the state of my house) or a new job since my timetable is so free! Working.. Don't think I wanna work in a clothes line anymore... Because I guess I already got bored of it. It was indeed interesting at the first month or so... Then it got boring.. It soon became a chore. Working in the.. Food industry? Worse.. You get scolded by customers etc etc.. Then what else do I work as? Promoter?

Haiyoh, will stop rambling lah. More to ramble on actually, about today but I am so lazy. Haih the wonders of twitter.

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