Monday, July 2, 2012

Singapore Part 1

Hi guys, long time no see! I have so much to write yet when I open this blogger account, my mind goes blank! Why is that so? A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. I guess I should learn to blog more and tweet less. There is always something to look back to a few years ago.. But in recent years I stopped blogging so often.. And yeah that kind of sucks.

Anyway, went to Singapore with the bunch last week! Planned it since a month ago, and I was shit ass careless for buying an express pass on the wrong day wtf and wasted 50SGD. Okay let's not talk about it. We went to Singapore from 23rd to 25th of June.

On the 23rd we damn crazy, took the 7.40am flight to Singapore by Air Asia! Me and Terry met up at Illi's place before leaving together to the airport at 5.30am! Damn early can!! Then wtf I said, "Hello aunty!" to Illi's maid. Well.. I don't really see Illi's mom. Arrived at the airport and met up with Aini, May Yen and Chi Shun! Checked in our baggage and had breakfast at Marrybrown's before boarding the plane. Sat separately from the bunch because I booked later than them and I didn't pick my seat. I sat next to a lovey dovey Thai/Scotland couple (YES I LOOKED AT THEIR PASSPORTS) mother of god, people want to get off the plane when we arrive and you are there cuddling like nobody's business.

Arrived and we went to check in at our hotel! We stayed at Studio M Hotel, which was reviewed by typicalben HERE . When we opened the room door, I was like "OHHHH! I read this somewhere!" But 1 thing I don't like about the room was the toilet. So freaking tiny can! Not enough space to sit down. Anyways, before that the room was not ready so we headed to Arab Street and had some murtabak! IT WAS SO GOOD! (Or is it cause I never had murtabak in my whole life before?)

Ok pictures here are taken by me or stolen from Aini/Chi Shun/Terry's facebook, so please excuse the shitty quality / unedited photos! After all we couldn't care less about how we look cause we were all so exhausted.

After murtabak, went to Haji Lane! It was a nice place to take pictures and tell you what, all the clothes there look like they are sourced from Bangkok, so if you are Singaporean/Malaysian or whatever, not worth it to get it so expensive there! You can always go to Bangkok and go on a crazy shopping spree. I think the price we are paying for the clothes in Haji Lane is for the rent and all the crazy beautiful presentation.

In short, Haji Lane reminds me of Bangsar.

Some old man was vandalizing, he looked around before he did so.

While we were taking photos, May Yen realized that she stepped on chewing gum! IN SINGAPORE! What is this?! Must be some Malaysian who spat the chewing gum at the streets wtf. Or is chewing gum easily brought in to Singapore? Do Singaporeans love chewing gum? Hahaha. There is a funny story behind this actually. May is the unlucky one, always sitting/stepping on stuff. Eg. Sitting on a sticky chair.

After that, we didn't bother to walk back to the MRT station because it was sort of far.. Took a cab to 313 Somerset and sat at Food Republic for a bit before continuing our journey to.








Walked around the three floors of H&M and everything was so pretty and reasonably priced. But tahan not to get anything or else... Mother would kill me for buying more clothes. Need to get rid of my old clothes before getting more argh. I don't know how lah.

Oh ya, before continuing, the whole morning I was trying to find a shop that sells prepaid phonecards to contact this Dennis!!! Apparently only 7-Eleven sells them or something. All those small mini marts don't have one! Ok finally spotted a 7-Eleven at 313 Somerset and got my prepaid card with $18 credit in it for $15! And I didn't even use a quarter of the credit because there were free SMSes and calls! Walao eh!

Anyway called Dennis like a million times but he was busy FIFA-ing and I was like "WOW THIS FUCKER BETTER NOT FFK ME. $15 = RM45!!!!" Luckily he called back man -_-"

Met up with him for a short 1 hour and we had Pasta Mania in Cineleisure mall. Hahaha, he seems like a nice guy in real life than on the Internet and he looks so tall for an 18 year old wtf. The rest of the bunch went shopping in other parts of Orchard I guess..

Only met up for a short while before the gang found me at Cineleisure. Funny story: Terry was outside the building and he told the gang "I have a feeling that Florence is here lah.." Chi Shun then checks his twitter "EH FLORENCE CHECKED IN HERE!" Hahaha, coincidence or what?!

Before that at the train station also, Terry was like talking about what if two of us went in the train and then the door suddenly closed! AND IT HAPPENED! Wtf, next time he must say we kena toto already wtf. Anyways after that, walked back to the Somerset MRT station. Walao wei leg can patah. Anyway stopped by a bazaar and everything was so cheap can!!!

Purchases of the day $10 (RM25) OPI Shatter Nail Polish ; H&M Gold Hair Tie ($7.90)
Illi, Terry, May and I at MRT Station
Aini's Flag.

Hehehe, Aini was sort of the tour leader, looking at maps and telling on which route to go so we joked that she should get a flag. :)

When we went back to the hotel and otw to the hotel room..

Well, obviously that was at another hotel.. But our swimming pool also not bad lah..

At night, freshened up and then headed to Clarke Quay for dinner! Had Thai food at some Thai restaurant which was so expensive for such a small portion. If you convert back to MYR can cry! But whatever, had fun with the bunch! :)

May, Aini and I in front of Alkaff bridge!

We sort of had trouble with the bill afterwards har har so May Yen helped us calculate it again! Then we played some Monopoly Deal/UNO and it was so good! Finally know why people want to play Monopoly Deal so much

And that was Day 1 of my Singapore trip!

Day Two and Three soon!

Stay tuned. xx


  1. Singapore is surely a nice place to visit, it's like so near to Malaysia. But it's been long since I last went to SG. Perhaps a trip, hopefully soon! :D

    1. Hahaha, alot of scenery to sightsee! Can see cannot buy wei! Unless got mega sale..