Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello, typing with my dysfunctional keyboard again.

Haven't blogged in eons but it is me complaining again. I am trying so hard not to spill everything on the internet but I can't help it. Who reads my blog anyways.... Right?

Every month you hear me complaining about my exams because almost every month there are exams! Currently its mock exams and the results.. I am not looking forward to it. I admit I have been slacking a lot since after PT1 holidays till now! Barely learnt in class but rest assured, I will buck up for the finals! I must pass my 4 papers which cost about RM350 each man! Paid with my own money and the kiam siap in me is in rage! Pretty proud of myself though.

Though my own personal financial management is pretty shit. I don't really eat much nowadays yet my money is all gone down the drain. Should this mean that I should even eat even less? Been cutting down on the junk food by a lot wtf! Beginning of this year I was so fat cause the amount of potatoes I consumed were uncountable.

Oh ya, ran Nike We Run KL 10K this year with Fatty Teh! Last year I signed up for it but did not bother to show up at the run and went dating instead wtf. The whole morning it was raining and that resulted in super muddy fields at the ending point located at Padang Merbok! Erm, it was my first experience at a run that involved 15000 people! A sea of black people running, can you imagine that? 

Being the lousy me, thank god I never faint or feel dizzy or anything since I already trained! But I did not train good enough!! Will join more runs next time when I have the time to, and also improve on my timing! 
The gun time was 01:45:08.85 and the timing on my D-tag was 01:29:09.10 . There was a slight delay though because at the finishing line it was god damn crowded. Had to wait for about 5 minutes before I finally get to cross the finishing line! Waited for about half an hour to collect the finisher T-shirt and left to Masjid Jamek LRT station alone because fatty who finished the run earlier had to rush home to get ready for some camp back in Penang psh. :(

On the same day itself, it was the day where my uncle has already left the world for a 100 days. Time flies, it still feels so unbelievable. It almost feels that as if he was still here, I still remember how his voice sounds like, what are his expressions going to be like. It is so.. Hard to accept the fact that he is now gone..

Aiyaiyai, better get to bed now.

Guess no phone call with fatty for the night :(

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