Sunday, December 9, 2012

Short update

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Taking a break from reading my law book to update my blog. 

Just a short update, currently having exams, and done with one paper already. It was tough, but I guess this is university life! Cannot expect to be spoonfed till you grow old! The experience of taking a computer based paper was really nerve wrecking. When I told the invigilator I was done with my questions, my heart rate sped up so fast, and of course I passed! :)

Anyways, met up with Ah Di for lunch last weekend, it has been so long since I have seen him! So busy with my own life that I abandoned him ha ha ha. Caught up with him and we went to Ikea because he wanted to get some scented candles! After that, went to Dreamz Bakery at Kota Damansara for dessert. The environment there was really really nice! Will be back there someday, definitely!

Exams are not even over yet and here I am thinking to what to do already.

Focus, Florence! 

You can do it!!

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