Monday, December 31, 2012


So, its a annual thing huh, summing up my year.

This year, there are so many things to be proud of..

1. I earned my first four figure in the year 2012.

Don't like to depend on my parents for money, especially knowing about the situation at home and for eleven years of my education, it feels like I have wasted a LOT of my parents money!

So seng mok a bit lah, spend less! But what to do I eat so much and buy so much! Hahaha, worked at Uniqlo from December 2011 to April 2012! And up till date I still have half of my salary and I have been surviving on that and also pocket money from my sisters and Dad! I have paid for my own holiday and also paid for my own exam fees, registration fees. Quite proud of myself and I am sure there is more to come!

Working has really pushed one of my limits. Me being a claustraphobic weakling. People can call me a spoilt brat for all they want, but I guess, I can show them I am not!

Really wish to continue working whenever I have free time, but I guess I have to put that on hold and focus on my studies for now!

2. I promised myself to be a better person to my family....

Me and Daddy Loo
Wei, Fatty Loo and Bunny
Erm, I don't have picture with mommy taken this year! Or I never go and dig it!

Always been complaining and not appreciating for what my family has done for me. Washing my clothes, cleaning my room, washing my dishes, spending money on me...

So I want to make them feel like.. I do know how it feels like and I appreciate it. It would be nice if I could do the same for them, and make home a comfortable place to live in.

I have been spending more time at home, not just facing the computer..

I clean the house, do the laundry and try to do whatever possible on a daily basis.

Also, I try to make sure my parents are healthy.. In what sense? Nagging dad not to take so much junk, till the extent he calls me a fly for "buzzing" too much at his ear hahahaha!

It's all good I guess, even if they don't see what I see, but I know that what I do is good enough, that is what I should do for now.

3. And for myself.

I have lived life in the past few years with the motto of "people eat to live, but I eat to live". Whenever I am happy, I eat. Whenever I am sad, I eat. Whenever I am bored, I eat! Eat and eat and eat and eat! There is always room for dessert. Cakes, ice cream, bubble tea and shaved ice.

One very fine day, I looked at other girls, and went like " how do I get a body like theirs? "

All over tumblr, there are girls with skinny bodies.

And my parents were calling me fat. And my siblings too, were labeling me fat..

It was hard to take in at first. What was I doing wrong?

So I exercised!! Squats, lunges, cardio!

And ate less of course..

And I guess my efforts are paying off? Seen a few people I have not seen in a while already and they say I skinny already! Means I was fat before this la!!!! Really fat? Why no one tell me one?! HAHAHA.

Then I told myself, if I cannot take care of myself and people closest to me (family), how can I bother taking care of others?

But I guess, there is room for improvement in myself and I should make this my goal next year! Since I am already only taking two subjects only cause I could not cope with four in the past semester, I should devote more time to develop myself! Maybe pick up a new skill, or perhaps participate more in class, or in my course. Maybe mingle around and I'll be able to find someone to nua with everyday, same hobbies, same interests, and comfortable with each other.

And also catch up with my old friends. I know I have not been active in chatrooms or outings or so... And  guess I will put in more effort!! I will!

I told myself I must be a better person towards myself and my family this year, and I did it!!

Next year, (which is real soon) I will improve the social aspect of myself and maintain what I am doing now!

I can do it!!!

4. Travelled to Penang after CNY with the college buddies!

Went on Valentine's Day wtf, which resulted in me not talking to my mom for a month but then I don't regret it! I am thankful that I went for this trip and I wish for more roadtrips, with more people perhaps? Hmm, we'll see soon.

Anyways in this trip, I got to see another side of Penang that I haven't seen before. Penang in the eyes of a Penangite wtf. Good food, good company, and really really cheap too! :)

Hopefully there will be another trip to my 2nd home soon. Heh.

5. Travelled to Bangkok with Mummy Loo and Li Wei

Me trying to look v atas wtf and the four faced buddha!

Our food haul back home LOL

Always heard about the wonders of shopping in Bangkok! And when you put together 3 women together, you get a massive haul. We went there for shopping and we did not really even do any sightseeing WTF. But I wish to go back to Bangkok some other day and explore more parts of the city!

And thai tomyam, sold in stores is mostly clear tom yam soup wtf. Why ours here red colour one? Can someone please explain because I am too lazy to google it up....

6. Travelled to Singapore with the KKRs on my own expense!

Paid for my own flight tickets, and Universal Studio Tickets.

Even paid for another express pass for on the day I bought the tickets YAY ME! Wtf so careless, totally a dear-self-you-have-to-bang-the-wall moment...

Anyway, got to play tourist in Singapore. Running here and there and take pictures, but we didn't get to visit places like Gardens by the Bay. I am sure there will be a next time but then I am not sure when will be the next time because everything in Singapore is so expensive. #truth Hi Dennis, if you are reading this please come to KL okay? Maybe I can show you around if I have time... HAHAHAHA. 

Erm, if you noticed so far, the photos all like cincai one, because they are all from my own camera or this blog archive. As of now I deactivated my own Facebook and I am too lazy to reactivate it and save the photos to post here ha ha ha. I don't look the best in every photo but when I look back at photos I post 3 to 5 years ago SHIT WHAT WAS I THINKING MAN?!

Anyway, this is the first trip I went overseas with my friends, with mommy's approval of course. :) Hopefully she's going to let me loose a little. And therefore I get to go on more trips next time! Hope so lah!!

7. Met a INTERNATIONAL (fuiyoh although he's just Singaporean) friend in real life.

*inserts photo of Dennis and I here*

Hahahaha, this friend is one of my friends I met on Maple wtf. Thank god I didn't get kidnapped by him hmm. :P

We started out as enemies and he thought I was a guy wtf.

But look at us now! :') Late night chat buddies wtf.

Hahaha, thank you for everything, and the meal in Singapore! FASTER COME KL LAH! Hahaha.

My mom told me not to simply meet friends on the internet but haih stubborn. HAHAHA.

8. My car hates me this year or either I am just ignorant about it.

When I just got my license, I so sayang my baby car, I wash and vacuum it every single week. Look at it now all covered in dust sigh.

Through out the year I got my car clamped by MPPJ at Uptown for not parking in a box FML. FTL. PAINT MORE YELLOW BOXES LA PLS!!! The road so wide, too wide that people park in the middle and there is no jam also!! Why can't you just paint more boxes! /rantend

Anyhow, hi readers, the above is without the knowledge of my parents wtf.

Then I left my car lights on and the car couldn't start. Another time was my tyre puncture.


9. Oh ya, enrolled myself into a program which I have considered since high school! .......... and nearly gave up on it

Haha, I have been very certain in doing accounting since high school, since I am good at it, but at the same time I don't like it! But I think this is the stepping stone to achieving my dreams some day. Need to earn more money first before I can fulfill ma dreams! Done with 4 papers and 10 more to go.. ACCA, I will complete you!

10. Friends

Every year I say the same shit. Hahahaha wtf. Hi those of you who do read my blog hmm.

I made plenty of new ones these year, but mostly are just hi bye friends, and when I enrolled in my course I met somemore and always stick to Carmen and Cai Yun haha. They say the people you meet on the first day of college are your closest. Pretty true. :)

I hope to meet new friends next week when Sem 2 starts wtf and keep them of course!!! Be more open minded and committed to making friends and keeping them haih. Don't be so failure.

There are people that have been with me all these way, listening to my complaints, further encouraging me to not give up, and sometimes, I might not be able to do the same for them but, thank you so much for being here for me!

I hope to keep in touch, with my high school friends, college mates and current coursemates and people I have met along the way.

And I hope for your guidance in doing so.

Whatever it is. I am grateful for who I am today.. Be it my enemies or friends who have moulded me into what I am today.

Ok wtf. What am I even writing.


11. Boyfriend

Hi fatty, I don't know if you still read my blog or not.. But I hope you have time to do so.

As everyone knows, this is my first serious relationship, to some it might be puppy love. But there are ups and downs, plenty of course. And so far we have been together for 1 year and two months.. Who would have expected for things to be this way today?

Thank you for showing me life in your shoes, and you seeing life in mine.

I might not love you in the way you want me to, or I might not show you how much I love you. But I am so so so grateful for having someone to share so much with, I just don't know how to explain sometimes, but I just am.

To where ever it brings me.


You can probably tell I am very sleepy cause what I am writing is getting crappier and shorter lol.

So far the resolutions I can think of right now:

1) Be fitter, have a more toned body. Be as sexy as fatty teh ha-ha-ha.
2) For real, take up Mandarin classes because my Mandarin is shit! It will probably help me be more confident to people around me. Really important social wise and business wise.
3) Put more effort in people around me, and maintain treating my family and myself well!
4) Manage my time well! Less of last minute studying!
5) Travel to places I have never been before. Preferrably an island getaway. Redang maybe?
6) Try new looks. Makeover? Makeup? New closet?
7) Give back to society.
8) Try to change my motto of eating from "living to eat" to "eat to live" WTF
9) Take more photos with my camera!
10) Sleep earlier and try to sleep less, and also care more about my face wtf *vain*



Hopefully I can achieve it!

Good luck to myself.


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