Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year & Cheesecake Recipe

So how did you spend your New Years?

On the eve, we had a impromptu steamboat party. Impromptu because about 2pm my aunt called and asked whether we are going to be home or not. Hmm, followed mama to Jusco and Kepong Baru to pick up some steamboat food. (alot of fu chuk and fishball nom nom nom)

Had the urge to bake a cake so I did! I baked a normal cheesecake, which ended up the cheese part of the cake was too thin BECAUSE I never use a 7-inch baking pan! I should totally go shopping for baking supplies someday. Maybe I can share this simple recipe with you guys! There is no need to add stuff like whipped cream or sour cream! Really really simple baked cheesecake! (because I can't seem to find a recipe as simple as this! found mine through an email from my sister)

 For the base, you will need:
- 140g digestive biscuits,
- 60g melted butter

1) Line a 7 inch cake pan with baking paper or tracing paper. Preheat oven to 180 degree celcius.

2) Place the butter in a bowl, and stand the bowl in boiling water until butter has completely melted. Leave aside to cool before next step.

3) Finely crush digestive biscuits. Mix with melted butter. Press into the base of the cake tin.

For the ingredients, you will need:
- 250g cream cheese (if you want a stronger cheesecake you can put more)
- 3 eggs
- 70g granulated sugar
- 80g melted butter
- cocoa powder (optional)

1) Place the butter in a bowl, and stand the bowl in boiling water. Leave aside to cool.

2) Using the electric mixer, beat cream cheese until smooth, then add sugar to the mixture and beat until smooth.

3) Add melted butter and mix well.

4) Add one egg at a time until combined. Make sure the mixture is even.

5) Pour the cheese batter over the biscuit base.

From here onwards, it is optional... If you want to make it into a marble cheese cake!

6) Take 3 spoons of mixture from the cheese mixture and mix with melted cocoa.

7) Pour the cocoa cheese filling over the cheese mixture and carefully swirl the filling with a toothpick. Smooth the surface.

8) Place the tin in a baking tray. Pour some water into the baking tray. Bake for 60 minutes. Stand 10 minutes before taking out the cake for it to cool! Then put it in the fridge before you serve!

 Erm, I think I did this wrong! I am supposed to pour it into the black area but I was worried it would be very heavy to remove! Silly me hahaha!

 Hi, me and end product, in case you don't remember how I look like. (oh and fu chuk in the background nom nom)

 End product! Nearly got burnt but it was yummy ok!

End of the night, everything got finished!

Let me know if you tried the recipe and it turned out successful for you! :)

At night, one aunt arrived, and suddenly two other families arrived... Er... Hahahah. Haven't seen Jian Han and Tsen in what seem like ages and they are taller than me! :C

Can't believe Jian Han is going to college! So fast. I'm getting old.

Went to Desa Park at around 10 to watch the fireworks, and sort of babysit...

Saw so many familiar faces and I should have expected that. Why did I dress like crap? Haih.

Also terasa, because people were spending new years with the people they love. I did, at home, but I don't know why I was being little miss grumps.. But not with everyone I love.

College started today and we got sort of kicked out from one lecturer's class... To another just because we don't have tax background. :X

Ok bye. Ha ha ha.

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