Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hahaha, meet me during exam week....

O hai iz meeeee!

Anyways, exams are o-o-over! For now.. Having a three week break but all I need now is ample time for rest and relax. Haven't had proper sleep during exam week and the week before that. The papers were ok I guess.. We shall wait till February 8 and see! Fingers crossed.

Anyways, to update you on what is happening now.

1. Me being vain
2. December haul
 The above is what I bought this month. How I wish there is more but I can't seem to make up my mind on whether to buy or not. I scared later buy already then I think it is ugly wtf. Red devil cap from blogshop, light blue skinny jeans, extra skinny pants, high waisted pants mummy bought for me, and lastly Topshop inspired swan bralet and skirt from udcloset.

Anyways, last Friday, went to Bangsar for big breakfast with Shenning! It has been awhile since I hung out with her. Been busy with classes and exams.. And shit me wanted to save money so I used the Segambut way to only get stuck in a jam and after that I got lost! We went to Damansara Heights and drove past huge ass bungalows.. But we still managed to go to Antipodean Bangsar!

3. Shenning and her food.
4. Me and mine

Kinda got sick of the scrambled eggs. Too many eggs! And I also had an iced latte! And when I reach home I had mild diarrhea wtf. I dunno whether is it cause of lactose intolerant or cause of the food is dirty. Aiyoyo.

The day after, (I think so. Shit me and my memory), Ah Di brought his friend's poodle over for me to play with it! Hehehe, so cute! It's name is Apple! It has a tail because its owner did not cut it off when it was young! The fur was super soft, like a carpet.

5. Me without hat, and Apple.
6. Me with hat, and Apple.
 One of those days, went up to Genting to take in some cold air.. The journey to Genting was ok, Dad drove but after seeing the way Genting bus drivers drive, I don't think I ever want to sit a bus to Genting. There were so many super cars too, and their loud engines, vroom vroooom.

7. So I sat at Starbucks and did word search.
 Came down after an hour or two because Genting was super crowded!!! :(

Monday, went to Paradigm Mall with Shenning to check H&M out! Saw some stuffs I liked with a reasonable price but then, as usual I can't make up my mind. And also can fit into dresses in one size smaller! Yay! I should work a little harder so I can continue fitting into smaller sizes! :))

8. Coral dress with lace details RM59.90
 Wanted to eat at Nando's but the service was shitty! We waved our hands like mad at the waiter but he didn't see us. Didn't take our order so we walked off. So we went to Fish and Co and had fish and chips instead!.

9. Caesar salad!
Fish and chips
 Yesterday night was just a chilling night. Listened to music on iTunes, scrolled through tumblr, lighted a vanilla candle, and just sat down and did my word search book and my mind drifted off... Really appreciate nights like these at home.

Wonder what have I been so busy with lately till I don't spend time for myself.

Till then.


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