Friday, December 14, 2012

Fitspo 101

Hello, how have you been?

Are you feeling like this lately?

imaged grabbed from google 
Sick and tired of complaining that you like this?

In case you don't know what the above is, it is a whale.

Want to look from this:

To this?

Keep stuffing myself with food, and got so busy with college. You can't really tell when all you wear at home or to sleep is loose elastic material. Sometimes, you got to wear fitting clothes to remind you to always stay the same or lose more weight so you feel fab that you can't fit into the dress anymore cause it is too lose! Not too tight.

I am not at the body I want yet but I promise I will continue working to what I want! There are so many inspiring people out there on Tumblr and Instagram.

A few tips for you, if you want to lose weight too:

1. Go on a healthy diet, not a unhealthy one.

Healthy as in a cleaner meal, perhaps eat more veggies, or eat less of the junk you eat. Eat less of processed food and maybe spend some time prepping your own meal! What is unhealthy is abstaining yourself from any meal.

I myself do not go on a clean diet, but I have been trying not to eat so much dessert or processed food!

2. If you are feeling hungry, maybe you should drink some water first.

Sometimes, you cannot tell that you are just thirst.

3. Exercise!

Start with exercise, but not heavy exercises.

Maybe you can start by brisk walking, or taking the stairs instead of taking the lift. Or go for a short run at the park.

Then maybe you can educate yourself on what exercises to do.. Cardio or ab exercises and how many reps etc. How? The internet is your friend. Some exercises may help some people lose weight faster than the other.. It differs from person to person.

4. Feeling upset? Don't pig out on food to cover that upset feeling.

Instead exercise! It works for me. When I am feeling down or angry, I love to take a good jog at the park. In fact it is very motivating.

5. People calling you fat? 

Take that as a challenge to show them you can be fit and toned! It definitely needs time to be fit and toned. So everytime you feel demotivated, you think of what the other person called you. FAT.

You want to show them you can be better than that, and you can and WILL be!

Oh ya,

also, don't be too hard on yourself. Reward yourself when there is progress which you are very satisfied with. Treat yourself to one good cheat meal once in a while, or maybe if you are like me, get new clothes for yourself!


Stay positive!

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