Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mumble Jumble.

Hello! Ha, ha. Really really want to do a blog revamp right now after reading so many blogs and seeing new layouts just because it is the new year. Also need to write more often, although it might just mean rubbish to you, in the future when I read it back, it definitely means something to me.

I have neglected so many aspects of my blog, and have been keeping in so many feelings inside of me. My years of blogging have definitely changed me into something. If you do want to read my archives (that is if you are too free) do drop me an email or a message.

I guess the convenience of blogging is replaced by other social networks such as instagram and twitter. Another thing is because Blogger's mobile app suck! Cannot align the photos in the part of the post where we want it to be.

Eggs benedict at The Red Beanbag in Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

Heard so much about this place, and about how good is it from bloggers, and also fellow friends. I went for brunch one day with Melvin. We didn't drink coffee because I wanted to have red bean milk tea from Chatime. Had the eggs ben for me, and big breakfast for him! Verdict: I don't know whether is it because of me taking photos, but my food was cold! The eggs ben were okay, I guess. I should really try the ones at other restaurant first before making a comparison because this is the first time I had eggs ben. The big breakfast didn't look as appetizing either, it is pretty overpriced for such a small portion and it doesn't taste as good as the one in Departure Lounge.

Hmm, the year have started, and classes have started for the both of us, but I am so grateful that Melvin spent most days of his Christmas holiday with me! It definitely has been awhile since we went out for movies or just eat and eat alot like we usually do. Since his semester two began I think. I can't wait to try new things and go places with this fatty, but I just wonder whether he has the time or not or maybe he just does not want to, with me. But I really really appreciate him for everything he has done for me!

9 months left to see this person, and I already feel it inside of me. Why so soon? Sometimes I wish time would just stop now, at where it is..

Apart from that, have not been hanging out with the high school friends in a while. Not because I don't want to, but because every time it happens to fall on days that I am busy with class or something else. I must make it a point to keep in touch, no matter how busy I am! Went for a steamboat buffet dinner with the boys from college two nights ago, and I must say, though things are not the same as how it was two years ago, they are still as hilarious as ever.

College, well, I attended my 2nd class already and the pressure is already on. Other than that, there are many new faces in class, and I hope we get to know each other! Maybe I will also find fellow bananas wtf. Anyways, I'm glad Carmen has been back from Terengganu already, now waiting for Cai Yun to be back  from Taiwan!

I have been so not on track in the past few days. Have not been mopping the floor or doing my exercise properly. Sleeping pattern is pretty fucked up as well, as a result I feel like an old lady with bones so brittle I could break anytime.

On my want list:
Nike Free Run in neon pink

Nike Free Runs in light green
New set of stabilo colour pens because my old one dried up already.
A moleskine to doodle in
Steve Madden Suede Dynemite Platform Pumps in black, or the inspired version
- A large comfy sweater to wear so often, it only gets more comfortable.
- New photos pinned up on my photowall.
- Linda Farrow Mickey Mouse inspired sunglasses
- the perfect vintage round sunnies.

Too many things I want, but here's what I can think of as of right now.

Hmm, nothing else to write about as of now, got to go do homework..

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