Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CNY Updates

So what does Chinese New Year 2013 mean to me?

Obviously been looking forward to this festive season since months ago (for the ka-ching ka-ching). Promised myself to lay off soft drinks and also cut down on cookies. I got what I wish for alright. Fell sick right before CNY.

On CNY eve's eve, had our yearly tradition of having dinner with my fourth aunt at Jaya Palace Restaurant along with the other cousins! Basically thought I felt better so I ate everything, bad move man! 

Pork platter (Photo credits to Beanie)
My eldest sister and me
our very first lou sang!
On CNY eve, mama cooked up a feast for the afternoon prayers to my paternal grandparents. Was not feeling too well and my pharmacist cousin went and bought me medicine! So grateful for that as I felt a better! While everyone was feasting on pork and steamboat later on, I had to only eat porridge. At night, more cousins came over, and we prepared for the welcoming of CNY prayers with mama and then I felt better so we had steamboat supper after that! 

Huai, me and Ah Di.
Ah Di and Me
Even the dogs got a feast too! (photo credits to Wei)
Supper! Om nom nom fu chuk! (photo credits also to Wei)
goldie looks on at mama loo and papa loo conducting prayers.
Went to sleep at 3am and the next day everyone woke up around twelve! Felt hungry because I didn't really eat well for the past few days, and papa loo cooked me some wan tan noodles! After that, my 5th uncle and family came over! They had steamboat (again). Oh ya, when I woke up in the morning, papa loo gave me my first ang pau! :)

my first ang pau
 Hehe, more relatives came over, and we all dressed up and got ready to go to Jinjang, our paternal family home!! Before that, we took some photos! Hehe. :)

Bunny and me!
mom, Wei, Bunny, me, 3rd aunt, Huai and Joan
 Went to Jinjang, ate yummy muruku, chit chat, and.... Gambled of course! However most of us lost to the dealer hahaha! Nevertheless, it was fun.

some serious business here...

all my pretty and handsome cousins!
I can't seem to remember the details after that, pretty sketchy to me because I felt unwell most of the time! Anyways, Friday my friends came over and also I went to visit them! Met up at Terry's place first where we had a feast.

cake brought over by illi!
Mamak food
"two words"

Those present over at Terry's were me, Illi, May and Chi Shun! Haha, received ang pau from aunty and then we ate! I think they ordered food for fifteen people or something when there was only the five of us haha. Felt so bad that we couldn't finish the food after.. Came home, played charades, and then left for May's place.

Came home and then left for Genting with mom's side of the family. Had din din at Gohtong Jaya first and it was so damn crowded! When we went up to Genting, I went to Coffee Bean at a quiet corner where not many people were around. Cannot stand being in a crowd when I am not feeling well! Did my crossword puzzle while the adults were at the casino. After awhile, my cousins came over and we chit chatted the night away! Can't wait to proceed with our plans after I feel better! :)

Wei and I
Reached home at 3am and died in bed. Next day, forced myself to wake up to help mama loo with preparations for steamboat (AGAIN! because I didn't get to eat much steamboat the other day). This time, I invited my collegemates over! Wanted to show my mom who they are so next time it would be easier for me to go out with them. :)

Kar Wai, Yu Wei, Jia Yin, Janelle, Yi Wei, me and Fatty Teh
Had late lunch/early dinner with them and then went to Loudspeaker in KD to karaoke of course! Its been ages since I went to a proper karaoke place with the latest songs hehe. Sang my lungs out although I'm not quite sure whether I can sing.

So most of my CNY I looked.. Pale and weak like a vegetable. But let me tell you, hahaha, you'll see a new healthier me soon! Argh, must take care of my diet and also perhaps some moderate exercise? Don't think I will ever give up on that!


Till then.

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