Sunday, April 7, 2013

Instagram Update

Just a few photos I posted on Instagram from awhile back, follow me here .

My favourite apps to edit my photos are FotoRus, vscocam, and Frametastic.

#1 Me back about 40 weeks ago and me a month ago. Honestly, did not expect the response on my Facebook and Instagram would be that great. But if you ask me how did I lost so much weight, I didn't lose any weight. I weight the same, but I guess I look better now! How? You are what you do, you are what you eat, it is all up to you and your determination. What to do? Research on the internet for a suitable healthy eating diet to follow and exercise regimes that suit you think that suits you. For me it is HIIT and I do this video by Fitness Blender, if anyone is interested.
#2 Beer cans from all over the world. Dad discovered this place which sold beer at a duty free price and went a little ga-ga over them. I personally find the ones with the animal brands the cutest. 

#3: Me being vain and feeling good in my UNIQLO 3/4 sleeved sweater, which I wear so often to college right now because it is just too comfortable.
#4: Layer cake and bokeh
#5 Nadeje is now open at Three Two Square somewhere in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Wanted to go and try the famous mille crepe everyone has been raving about so I went there one day with my coursemates, on the left Cai Yun, on the right Carmen.
#6 Chocolate banana crepe cake and strawberry flavoured crepe cake.

To be honest, the chocolate banana crepe cake was only so-so but the strawberry one was really yummy! The original one was also really yummy, according to Fatty Teh, ta pau-ed crepe cake for him after I was done meeting up with my girls.
 #7 OOTD for college one day, burgundy knitwear from H&M // Skinnies from ZARA // Bag from Longchamp
#8 Babysitting this two babies for a month or so while their owner goes to USA for work. They have been pretty obedient so far. You see Xiao Bai on the left, and Xiao Mei on the right.
 #9 Went for dessert with lala and Fatty Teh one day at Sweet Bean Cafe in SS2. Originally we wanted to have Kei Tak Sek but it was not open. Oh well, maybe next time.
#10 Went on a dinner date with Li Wei and we went to One Utama to go and have Watami. I had bibimbap and she had beef stone pot rice. My #OOTD for the night, dress from Trendy Bellaz and clutch from fourskin. The dress in my opinion fits me well. Loved the design of the dress but I didn't like the material because it was not so good, sort of like cheap Thailand clothing material where you would easily sweat and stink in it.
#11 Meet my tummy.
#12 Follow bunny to her office one day to help her shoot some stuff, and decided to explore the surroundings. It was a pretty calm place to be in, quaint and quiet. Would like to return someday and have a good swim in the pool.

#13 My #OOTD for that day, top from Sungai Wang (selling it here ), bottoms from BKK, shoes from Cotton On.
#14 The pool area

#15 Went for coffee and dinner with Bunny, Wei and Mei Xin after stopping by at Bunny's office. Wanted to go have Burger Junkyard at first but it was closed! So we headed to Dreamz Bakery instead! Speaking of Bunny's office, visit MORE LOOK store and also Pin Accessory to see if you are interested in getting yourselves any pretty bags or earrings!!
 #16 Change, in us. Not everyone is in every photo, but I hope you can see the difference between some of us, I think the only difference in mine is the fats are gone!
#17 Me on one Friday morning waiting at the traffic light on the way to college heh heh.
 #18 Big breakfast at Departure Lounge / Haven't been back since my car got towed. Came back on a weekend with Fatty Teh for a rare breakfast date. 
 #19 Me with Xiao Bai
#20 Jynn Jynn's birthday at Decanter PJ, that is her blowing the candles off the cake, and I must say I love her floral crown. Pictures soon. 
 #21 My #OOTD for Jynn Jynn's birthday. Top and bottom from A Loft of Things, Studded clutch - BKK, ring - Sunway Pyramid, Heels - Charles and Keith.
 #22 Impromptu day out with Ah Di, ever so outgoing and happening boy hehe. Had lunch and did some shopping with this boy :)
 #23 OOTD when I went out with Shenning one of those days. Supposed to pass my item to a buyer but the buyer FFK-ed on me. Anyways, cropped my face out because it was very CMI. Gold collar top from BKK, skirt - gifted, studded clutch from Fourskin, Charlotte Olympia inspired kitty flats from F Block.
#24 Sometime this week, followed Bunny to Starbucks, skipped the coffee and tried a banana chocolate chip muffin and I'm sort of impressed! 


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