Monday, April 15, 2013


A week plus since I last blogged.

Sunday, I remembered almost passing out from being too hungry, and also seeing the doctor as I felt really sick. :(

Last Monday, went out with Fatty Teh and had lunch at Curve, then went all the way to Bangsar Village to go and have this banoffee cake at Marmalade Cafe which I saw on instagram the other day. It was something that I have been craving for quite awhile aready.

 Verdict? It was so yummy, although there was a little too much toffee syrup (very sweet) , and for the price RM12, I think it is really worth it for the size. I think Marmalade cafe is a really nice place to be in though, quiet, bright, and leaving you to feel ever so calm.

The next day, went out for a short lunch with Jia Ming and May Yen. Since ages ago we always talked about going out but it never happened. Then tadaa, went and had pan mee at Menjalara. My weekly fix but then I couldn't eat chilli pan mee because I was coughing like shit.

Went and pick May up from Sierramas. Was kinda afraid things were gonna be awkward but nah, it went fine. :D In fact we should do this more often.

Us, four years back, and us now. Look at my pao face. Still so pao after so many years hahaha.

After that, dropped May home and went to Starbucks One Utama to study. Haven't had coffee in ages and was contemplating whether to have a slice of cake and a latte at Whisk or have Starbucks but in the end I picked the latter. Shared a table at the couch area with this Help law student and had to jaga her stuff when she went to the washroom. After that, bought olive oil shampoo at Watsons and bought some stuff on self improvement. To be honest, indeed it was the first time I spent quite an amount of money on something so personal. Hahaha. :)

Thursday, went dinner with Fatty Teh in Kepong Baru at Gou Lou Mamak. Had pork chop and yummy garlic bread. After that, went to Kei Tak Sek for dessert! Wanted my hong dou sa but finished already so I had peanut dessert. Grateful for time spent with fatty.

Friday, went to class alone. Went to Pyramid alone and had Subway, walked around and came back to class to stone and chit chat with the boys, didn't felt so alone after that with the company. Hahaha, went home after that and exercised. Me thinks. Kinda forgotten.

Saturday, brought Mama Loo and Wei to Village Park nasi lemak in Uptown, PJ. Their first time there and I think they think its yummy? I'm not sure but if you want to go there and eat it is best if you go on a weekday or on non peak hours, but parking there is such a hassle wtf. Did some shopping at Guardian and 99 Speed mart and left for home. When I came home I did HIIT on the treadmill. Then after that went dinner wtf. I feel like a cow sometimes lol. 

Sunday, pretty much spent napping at home and catching up on sleep. And doing the laundry of the household which I have not been doing for a week already. Had mama's homemade wan tan noodles for lunch, and homemade BKT for din dins, the best.

Today, went to college, but didn't go to class. Why?

Because I didn't do homework. And I didn't want to get nagged by the lecturer so I skipped and did some studying instead. Felt really unwell after 5 hours of studying and left for home. 

In the past week, been exercising for quite abit to make up for lost exercise that I have not been doing. At first I felt amazing sweating it all out but I think I have not been eating enough? Still feel like I want to pass out everytime, and nearly passed out from jogging yesterday.

Give me the strength to go through everyday healthily please.

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