Saturday, June 8, 2013

Broken Bridges

I wonder if popular bloggers have another private blog where they pen down what they write about what happens in their daily lives. The problem is, do they allow their daily happenings to be read by public readers or they private their blog to themselves, or only a few of their friends? I'd always like someone to read about my daily ramblings, though most of the time I do sound like a complete idiot.

It's tough to have a theme for your blog, whether you want it to be a food blog, fashion blog, or a pretty girl blog?

What has been happening lately?

Just got done with my finals, F5 and F6 of ACCA. I feel that I have not done my best in studying, but I pray that in the end, all goes well, it is all I can do for now and enjoy until the results come out two months later.. To think of it, two subjects in a semester is already quite a killer, and next semester, I signed up for three. What am I thinking?

Also, on May 29, I turned twenty. No biggie, it was right before my finals, so I spent my day going out on a birthday date with Melvin. That is already enough for me. Not everyday I can see such a handsome guy who will feed me fat fat and let me annoy. Stuffed myself with popcorn from the cinema, then had dinner at Vin's Restaurant and Bar. Had dessert at Artisan Roast Coffee TTDI afterwards. Their chocolate cake is so good, though it would have been better if there was vanilla ice cream to be on top.

I don't have any photos for the occasion, because being the smarty pants, some other day during the week before, I left my camera on or something, the battery was drained out.

On the 23rd of May, went for a musical at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) in Sentul. The place was kind of hard to find and it was pretty dark at night. Would love to revisit the park during the day though. Seems like a pretty hipster place to be in, haha.

Watched Broken Bridges, they had this promotion of buy 1, get 2 free for the tickets. Eldest sister bought for us and we were kinda doubtful how it will turn out. Went to KLPAC and collected our tickets, and people were dressed all damn atas and hipster while I was just in my casual clothing. 

Erm, we were not allowed to take photos in the hall but this was how far we were from the screen. There were so many chattery school/college kids in front who wouldn't shut up. 

Broken Bridges, in my opinion, was pretty good for a Malaysian musical! It had most of the elements (funny, scary, angry, sad, touching) but at some points we couldn't here what the singers were singing about lol. Broken Bridges is about a musical in the old times where a boy in Ipoh wanted to make it big, instead of being just a small town boy. 

We sat pretty far and we couldn't even see how the main star look like lollll. From far quite handsome lah, but when I went home and googled, they were all middle aged men wtf.

Apparently this musical has won numerous number of awards and it is the 2nd time it is being played after a few years.

Other than that, I'm having one month holiday now and I have been pretty productive so far I guess. Doing all the housework, cleaning up my pig sty of a room and have been going out.

Some people are beginning to say that I am too skinny, these people are the same people that once called me fat. After feeling all that unwell in the past few months, I never followed my eating schedules of having only clean meals. I oftened cheated, but still exercised. I do more cardio than I do more strength training. Now, I only rely on blogilates video, and occasionally go running in the park. Feel like I am gaining back the weight!

Being skinny isn't that bad, well not sure whether it boost up my confidence or bring down my confidence. When I look back at my old photos, I didn't know I was so tak tahu malu. Think I look very pretty when I look like a whale. Now in whatever angle also look skinny, but I just can't get my face angle right in taking photos, sigh.

Thinking of doing so much more, be more stylish, be more confident in myself.

 What I bought for 99 cents + the one malaysia book voucher from Borders. Me being kiam actually compared between the 3 book stores, popular, MPH and Borders wtf. Borders had this free Starbucks drink, free Chatime, free donuts and all if you spend RM250 there and I got greedy. Went to Borders in the Curve two weeks in a row and THEY RAN OUT OF PAPER. HOW CAN?!?!?!?!?! HOW CAN A BOOKSTORE RUN OUT OF PAPER?!!

In the end, went to Borders Mid Valley to find out that the offer to spend RM250 and receive all those goodies has expired because it ran out of stock already WTF. Teaches me a lesson to be not so last minute and be so calculative in everything.

Felt so fucking stupid T_______T

When I was at the cashier it was a FML moment after I asked him about the goodies.

Got my GEEK tee from a blogshop online in Facebook, Dazzling Taipeicity. Though I am not wearing the most presentable shorts in the photo above, I kinda like the shot above because it made me look skinny hehehe.

After I cleaned up my room, stacked all my notes here. This is the result of 6 papers. Imagine when I get to the 14th paper omg. But can't believe my bimbo brain fit everything inside lah hahaha wtf.

Lastly, what Melvin got me from Bali. A dreamcatcher and some body soap to smell good hehe. I know he most probably won't read this, but thank you for the souvenir although I am so insistent no need to buy for me. Hehe.

Ok goodnight. 


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